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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dustup at 33rd and Broadway

A 24-hour convenience store is coming. Some of the neighbors don't want it.

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Walking access to a 24/7 mini-market will increase rental property values in the area.

The proximity allows rental tenants to return home before their children’s bean burritos go cold and their Big Gulps get warm.

There is a dearth of strip clubs along there..
Maybe that would be a better use..

Actually, there have been strip clubs about four blocks away in the Hollywood District. What that corner really needs are a methadone clinic and some bottle return machines.

Oh, and a cell tower, of course.

Isn't the Jacksons across the street open 24 hours? Though it is more a gas station than a convenience store.

Isn't the QFC 24 hrs?

It's a free country.

Surely, one of those people living in those $500,000 homes could have purchased the gas station themselves and started a restaurant or a coffee shop or whatever else they want (dog park, wine cellar, art gallery, "live/work space", etc.)

They didn't. Someone else did. Get over yourselves.

I'm guilty of being a NIMBY on this one, but a coffee shop would have been a perfect tenant for that space, imo. Especially if equipped with a drive through it could have been a real money maker, as you have I-84 and Broadway right there for the morning commuters. Surprised Starbucks wasn't all over it.

Most of the angst I've heard has centered on whether/how late the proposed mini mart will sell liquor. I don't see this being a real negative for the homes nearby - the Jacksons/Shell and QFC are both 24 hour if memory serves, I don't see this being any more of a traffic driver.

I live about a half mile from there and would rather see more retail than an unused property. Which is more welcoming to visitors that often come that way from the Banfield Expressway?

As a non-addict, a coffee shop would not be useful to me. A bagel shop perhaps? The convenience store might have those.

Is another Jackson's the most desirable use of that location? Certainly not. But convenience stores aren't the scourge of the earth (unlike the Fat Cobra adult store within diddling distance of the Ockley Green K-8 school in NoPo). Presumably Starbucks, Peet's and other food/retail companies took a pass on this location for a reason. And as a nearby resident, I'd rather have a viable business instead of a chain link fence around an abandoned building.

Some little mom and pop coffee or bagel shop couldn’t afford the property. It will cost over a million dollars just to decommission that gas station, and then you will have to add the cost of all the COP permits and system access charges. Then you have to spend another couple hundred thousand to build a structure. That is why a big corporation is locating their franchise there.

The answer is to extend the Interstate URA up to 33rd and it would be a Starbucks instead of a 7Eleven, and cost us over $10 Million to do so.

Someone should learn how to boil bagels and open a store there. Fill the vacuum. Please.

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