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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Do or die for Durant & Co.

They're playing the third game of the western finals in American pro hoops tonight. The San Antonio Spurs took the first two games of the series at home against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and now the series shifts to a couple of games in OKC. The Thunder, led by phenom Kevin Durant, have always had trouble winning in San Antonio, and that story line has held true in these playoffs. As a result, the Thunder absolutely has to win tonight, and again on Saturday, if they are to have a realistic chance of surviving. They probably won't win two in Texas.

It's amazing to watch the geezerly Spurs go through their paces. They're like an exquisite old chess set, with all the familiar board pieces making all the standard moves. And yet they're still coming out ahead. Their head coach, Greg Popovich, is orchestrating his players beautifully. They'll be tough tonight in their black visitors' uniforms.

Over in the junior league, the Miami Heat won both of its games at home against another fossil collection, the Boston Celtics. They're headed back to Boston for what promise to be a couple of grind-'em-out contests tomorrow night and Sunday.

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I'm sorry there has to be a 2nd place team in this Western Conf roster; that one team loses. The Spur/Thunder Finals games is like watching lightning in a bottle.
Exquisite above-the-rim baskeball. State of the Art.
Miami Heat
Miami Cheat

Watching OKC's bigs stumbling around reminds me that the Blazers aren't the only ones who've made some bad decisions.
Here's a little something from a news clipping from 2009:

"After examining Chandler's left big toe, Dr. Carlan Yates, Oklahoma City's team physician, determined that the risk of reinjury was too great to give Chandler a clean bill of health. He therefore advised the Thunder to rescind Tuesday's trade that landed them Chandler for Joe Smith, Chris Wilcox and the rights to DeVon Hardin."

That's Tyson Chandler. Center for the Champion Mavericks last year. The NBA's Defensive Player of the Year this year as a New York Knick.

Plus they would have kept Jeff Green who - despite a heart problem this year - could really help sometime.

Meanwhile OKC's center, the continuously steamed Perkins is getting outplayed and is often in foul trouble. In a league where centers are so hard to find, OKC had Tyson Chandler and they blew it.

Anyone in their position would have selected Greg Oden first, oh never mind...

Meanwhile, that was a helluva Game 1 last night in the Stanley Cup final between the New Jersey Devils and the LA Kings: In OT, LA extended its record-setting playoff road win streak to 11 in a 2-1 thriller. Two great goalies in action, to boot. Game 2 is Saturday on NBC -- don't even need cable to see it!

Hated to see Jersey go down at the end.

We saw "the other dream team" at the Seattle film festival over the weekend. Documentary about the Lithuanian team at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, sponsored by the Grateful Dead.....the footage of them beating the Russian team for the bronze is the best sports footage I've ever seen. Not to mention the medal ceremony in the tie dye t- shirts, with the skeletons grinning while scoring a point.

Thought the play of the Spurs Tuesday was the most perfect expression of the game that I've seen in decades. This series reminds me of the Bird/Magic finals match ups. Scott Brooks must be wondering how it can be that his top three players score almost 90 points in the same game, and his team still loses rather decisively? Afraid there are not enough fouls to slow the current Spurs juggernaut. However I would like to see OKC win one or two, just so I get to watch these two teams play a little longer. It's such a beautiful game when played at this level.

When are we going to talk about draft picks? I was reading the paper and supposedly with the number 6 pick the Blazers will pick a center from Ohio State.

Run that around in your head for a while.

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