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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear Facebook

This is a great suggestion you sent me this morning, but Bob's not answering my friend requests:

And let's leave our mutual friends out of this, shall we?

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As I always tell people, Facebook calls it "People you may know". I call it, "People I don't like".

Ain't that the truth. Quite a few in that category (although I don't think I know Jeff Reardon, do I?).

Facebook sees dead people.

Lost a fishing buddy a few years gone by & I still visit his FB site: https://www.facebook.com/ssherbourne
Hope they never remove it.

I think this is a timely reminder for the editors at the Oregonian: We've got a 3-day weekend coming up and we want you back Tuesday with your "pillar of the community" images intact. No drunk driving, and no call girls. Please.

I know this morality thing can be no fun, but use some sense.

Actually as a wacky news expert, I can tell you the best one of these happened in Tacoma where a corrections officer remarried without bothering to divorce his first wife. The first wife then received a computer-generated message asking her if she wanted to be friends with the new wife. She didn't. He was charged and put on administrative leave.

Since tomorrow is Friday leading into a three-day weekend, I wonder what kind of "we hope nobody notices this" news releases we will get?

Bob's moral compass was broken. He had huge influence in leading our state into deeper mediocre. Don't throw stones in a glass house or hook up with a hooker that could be your grand daughter when you are a gravy sucking pig.

Let's not overlook the heaviness of what has happened here:

The Internet gave Bob the hottie who he was with in death,
and now the Internet has given him eternal life.

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