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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bust in Burnside hit-and-run death

Prosecutors say it was a drunken Timbers fan behind the wheel. An elaborate cover-up allegedly ensued, involving the passenger (above), who's been booked for tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution.

UPDATE, 9:40 a.m.: From the police: "The extensive media coverage and public interest in this case led to several anonymous Crime Stoppers tips [being] received that assisted in the investigation."

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Well, we all knew that nothing good can come of having soccer in Portland.

No, good can come -- but also lots of bad. Particularly when a culture of drunkenness is promoted as part of the festivities.

Kudos to the police and to the public who helped bring the alleged perpetrators to justice.

Yes, it was good police work.

He said both women were at a Timbers soccer game on Saturday, March 31, and were drinking before and after the game.

Hope Merritt is preparing himself for the forthcoming "your vendors over-served the women who killed our family member" lawsuit.

They should have taken the MAX to the game.

"your vendors over-served the women who killed our family member" lawsuit

Actually, given that we Portland taxpayers subsidize the wages of Little Lord Paulson's beer vendors, we'll probably wind up being sued, too.

Brief fact check: I'd say an average beer price of $7, coupled with excruciatingly slow-moving lines for concession stands and restrooms, does little to promote or facilitate a culture of drunkeness.

I read a bit earlier of an incident in Eugene - cyclist hit, driver kept going. Another driver stopped to offer aid, but before he could, somebody else ran the cyclist over. He's dead, Jim.

Brief fact check

Timbers Army = obnoxious drunks, glorified by the team and the league.

I loved the old Portland Beavs baseball team but we should also remember Thirsty Thursdays.Very cheap beer, very loose regulations/enforcement and basically a free for all of the fans at the games drinking or not. Can't say how many brawls I saw but there were quite a few, and I also didnt follow then to the closest bars.Sure some of them drove when they shouldnt have...

Musta been a good one as she looks to be still nursing the hangover.

As a family member I wish we didn't have do go through any of this..

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