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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Breaking news: Kate Brown is for the children

We're starting to get the feeling that Oregon secretary of state Kate Brown may be getting a little nervous about her re-election prospects. We've gotten press releases from her office two days in a row now, with announcements of new audit reports. And they're both about those sweet, adorable kiddies whom politicians love so much to kiss at election time:

Audit finds school districts missed out on $40 million in anticipated energy savings

Audit recommends ways to ensure children receive needed mental health treatment

Brown's Republican opponent, Knute Buehler, has been generating some press releases of his own, and they haven't been complimentary of her. For example, he's a-twitter about this. As well he should be.

Comments (2)

With no name recognition, she has been using the voter guide to describe what her office "has done" outside of elections while increasing the size of the fonts for her name.

One of her recent releases was on a public-private partnership regarding archiving where they bought a bunch of expensive out of state software and paid a Baker City group to help support it (in their call center). When a fraction of the money is in state, I do not think you get credit for creating many jobs here. In fact the automation supposedly cost jobs, but that was claimed as a positive in terms of efficiency.

She is really struggling to find any reason at all for us to re-elect her.

She is so scared of losing in an Obama election year because Knute is out fundraising her from his own set of special interests and the Independent Party has decided to throw her under the bus and require real action on campaign finance reform to get endorsed this year.

I too am running a real campaign against her this year unlike the last one when my goal was one percent to preserve ballot access. This year I am taking Measure 47 limited donations, up to $500.

AlGore/Bill Bradbury. Katie. I've had enough of the incompetence there.

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