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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blessings of liberty secured

Here in Portland, the Lincoln High School team just won the national championship at the "We the People" academic competition, focused on knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. Not bad coming from an "underutilized site." Our heartfelt congratulations to the students on the team, and all their coaches.

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Great job! Excellent news!

Congratulations Lincoln!

With a third daughter headed into next year's Grant Con Team it will be fun to watch the Grant/Lincoln rivalry unfold again. Con Team is the richest academic experience we've seen in our daughters' high school years. Whichever of Grant and Lincoln wins to represent Oregon at the national competition usually ends up in the top 10. Not bad at all for two urban public schools.

Congratulations. The only time I feel hopeful about our future is when I realize how amazing a lot of these young people are. This generation gives me hope. They seem mature in ways my people weren't at that age, and very funny.

For example, my sister is celebrating a big anniversary with her husband today and one of her kids started a very sweet tribute by writing:

"In true family tradition, someone needed to mark today's importance with a mass family email."

That's a brilliant line, and that and this story from Lincoln High have made me feel quite optimistic today.

Go Next Generation!

Congratulations again.

Jaime Escalante is smiling down at Portland and hoping that interest in math will someday rise to this level.

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