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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blazers to season ticket holders: Trust us

It's pretty much the same message they'll be sending out to prospective managers, coaches, and players over the next few months. But is anybody going to believe them?

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More fun.
More games.
More Greg O. Sam? Hello?

Rip City?

More like...
RIP, City!

Who knows, maybe they'll pull a King-Kong sized rabbit out of the hat.

Right now, we've got 1 NBA starter (Aldridge)and two kinda NBA starters (Batum and Matthews).

It's gonna take a heckuva lot more than a PG to turn this group around.

As much as we've been on the Oregonian's case here, I sent them a suggestion for a good story - if they hurry. How about a profile of all the former Trailblazers in the first round of the playoffs, or at least on rosters of teams in the playoffs?

The idea came to me when I saw Jeff Pendergraph, one of our knee tragedies, currently playing for the Indiana Pacers. Here's a few more just off the top of my head:

1. Andre Miller
2. Rudy Fernandez
3. Steve Blake
4. Zach Randolph
5. Dante Cunningham

Blah, blah, bla-blah, blah. And we sold out the Rose Garden AGAIN last night despite not even having a game! We're the Trail Blazers and, despite what your heart and mind is telling you, we really are THAT GOOD!

Like many other disaffected Blazer fans I'll be watching some HAWKEY as the Winterhawks open the WHL Finals tonight at 6PM on Root Sports.

I'm one of the supposedly few who did not renew my season tickets, though I received several communications after the "deadline." Like Rich, I'll also be watching Hawkey - and during their slump four or five years ago, I dropped my ticket package. I came back a couple of years ago when it became apparent that they were playing with heart and passion again - hear that, Blazers?

Bill, don't forget that Patty Mills is with San Antonio. Jermaine O'Neal is out with, I think, a broken hand, but on Boston's roster. Juwan Howard is with Miami.

I also did not renew. I was offended by the cavalier way the league and players treated the paying public, including the season ticket holders, during the lock out and rush to save a season; and was seriously disappointed by the home schedule the Blazers got, with no offer of a discount to season ticket holders for the poor quality of the home game mix. And even though the Rose Garden now charges $7 for a small bag of popcorn during Blazer games (probably less than 7 cents of corn), the Blazer marketing team had the audacity to offer season ticket holders an Aldridge bobblehead,(probably worth $2)for renewing, but only if they renewed by an early deadline. I don' know what they are putting in the punch at Vulcan, but it seems the real life bobbleheads are somewhere upstairs in Seattle ruining this franchise.

I have had my third row Courtside seat at the Rose Quarter since it open. On March 23rd, I sent an email to my Blazers Rep offering to renew my season tickets. I said in parts: "Let’s just make it simple and do the same thing as this season."

On March 26th, I got this reply: "You got it Tom.".

Then on April 13th, the Blazers reneged on the deal. For a stated price of over $30,000 a season for my two seats, what the Blazers wanted was to cut a comparative nickel and dime of $500 food credit. I can't deal with an organization that refused to honor a written done deal with a 27 year season ticket holder on the last day of renewal. The Blazers kept trying to promote loyalty but can't keep its word while offering an increasingly inferior product. I did not renew and doubt if I will ever pay to see them again.

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