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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bad news from Paul Allen

1. I'm not in a spending mood on the Blazers.

2. I'm not selling the Blazers.

And apparently he's also going to ignore the fact that his organization is getting a reputation for destroying players physically.

"We will follow a judicious and sustainable path going forward." Good luck with that, bud.

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The Portland Frailblazers. Go by Hoverround!

Allen's mind is gone.

Just ask Professor Longhair:

It's becoming increasingly clear that the Blazers are a poorly run organization.

Perhaps merge with the Oregonian?

Ought to be interesting to see how much luck he has getting a GM. I think the 4 he's talked to so far are just going to use the Blazer's interest to get themselves a raise.

I think it's less than 50-50 we have a GM by the draft - much less any progress on a starting 5.

That's because Allen thinks GM stands for General Mangler.

Shoulda stayed at the Memorial Coliseum.

Regarding casualty Greg Oden:

"In a 'shocking' interview, former No. 1 pick and ex-Portland Trail Blazers center Greg Oden said that bad influences in his life caused him to drink too much a couple of years ago, that he remains befuddled people are so infatuated with him because he played only 82 NBA games in five potential seasons, and that he may have rushed back too early from his various knee ailments after listening to a Portland medical staff that has been discredited in some outlets."

"Greg Oden will turn 26 years old during the 2013-14 season. He is still 7-1, and appears to have a love of the game that other big men...don't often share. It's true that no player has made it back to the NBA after three microfracture surgeries, but 34-year-old Kenyon Martin has endured two of them along with a broken leg in 2000 and broken fibula in 2001, and he still looks like he can slap the top of the box on the backboard. Yao Ming may not have been able to endure repeated foot ailments, but Zydrunas Ilgauskas looked the same as Yao at one point and went on to have a successful All-Star career for a decade after his feet looked like they had been worked to powder.

Things can still go right. Oden, somehow, can still make this work."

Holy Crap Batman! The virus is spreading - he said Sustainable!

I always thought my love for the Blazers would overcome any management missteps, but after years of one boneheaded move after another, I'm thinking of becoming an alcoholic too...

The "bad luck Blazers" need some direction for the coming draft.
A great judge of chemistry, skills & durability. Come on Mr. Allen, it's time to lead, finish the interviews & announce your team's new GM with little hoopla then huddle quickly for draft strategy. Yo - lets get it started- Ay?

I swear, letting Paul Allen run a sports team is like letting Charles Manson run a psychiatric hospital.

It was crystal clear the Blazers was a poorly run organization back in the early to mid '90s.
Continues to be a downhill show!

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