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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another Kate Brown oopsie

Here's a Friday afternoon surprise that we'll wait for next week to address fully: The last two Portland public schools officials charged in the election abuse scandal from a year ago have been let off the hook because the Oregon secretary of state's office botched the rules in the area.

The bad news comes just a few weeks after Brown, who has a Republican opponent in the fall election, engaged in some egregious pretzel logic in connection with the scheduling of this year's labor commissioner election. That had already put her under some heavy criticism.

Despite the weekend, the weather, Mother's Day, and the election, we will have a thorough discussion about the latest misstep. But you gotta admit, the media couldn't have done a nicer job of trying to bury the story.

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Might I suggest that calendars be sent to Kate Brown's office ?
She apparently has a shortage....

I did actually wonder if they waited till your "Have a good weekend" post to let this news out.

The Republican Party's focus on vote suppression ( http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1111/67555.html ) rules out any chance I'd vote against Brown in the general election. But she's certainly not doing herself any favors with voters like me for any future runs for this or other offices.

These aren't mistakes. They are machinations calculated to prevent the sympathetic Judiciary from intervening.

Soros funded useful idiot Kate Brown wanted those teachers off the hook

OH... and every fraudulent vote cancels out a legitimate Vote by a Citizen. Politico's story is a partisan hack job.

If you have to show ID to board a plane, buy cold medicine or cash a check you can show ID to Vote. Claiming it's 'racist' is a smear.

Not to fear Kate, you will always have a career chilling beer at Union picnics.

"The last two Portland public schools officials charged in the election abuse scandal from a year ago have been let off the hook"

Wow, they saved themselves $75 too. I betcha they'll never try going around the law like that again ever never!

What a joke of a throwaway law. Brown was already in the tank for them and a $75 penalty? They probably burned thru that much printer paper the first day pimping for the bond.

Vote NO on any and every bond measaure.

This "make it all up as you go along" ethic in government is so wrong. It is extra wrong in the Sec of State's office.

When I suggested the "good ol' boys" had her back, Sarah feigned ignorance (on a previous thread here). First they promoted her, TO WORK WITH THE GOVERNOR ON EDUCATION, then they delayed the enforcement action until they could figure out a way to make it go away. Hardly the kind of response she might have expected as a Pariah of electoral politics.

But no, Sarah: this is the way democracy is intended to work. Good people shouldn't follow bad laws. Nobody did anything special to help you avoid prosecution. It's God's work to use school funds to promote an electoral outcome that will bring in more funds.

It's unfortunate this state is so corrupted. It's getting so you can't find an honest person holding public office.

Any nominations?

Seems like a smart reformer could clean up all this dirt and the public reaction would be such that he/she could be elected God if he/she so chose.

Alas, no one has the smarts, no one has the guts. And at election time, everyone marks the box next to "Complacency."

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