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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Welches con man on two wheels

It appears the bicycle set fell for it hook, line and sinker. "[T]he solidarity of the wheel strikes again" -- too funny.

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If Ian's real name is Goliath......

His body shape doesn't suggest he actually rides the bike much.

Or his Spandex is getting old.

Sounds like this guy has made conning people out of money into a career--if you read the comments on BikePortland, shop owners from Ashland to Hood River have seen this guy at one time or another, always with a version of this story.

Coming fron Canada on a bike, hit by a van, big as aussie belly, yea I'd believe that story hook line and sinker also....

Serves them right for not reading Jack's blog!


It's interesting how these con guys end up playing video poker courtesy of the State of Oregon Lottery Comission. Is the video poker a cause, symptom or a combination of the two? He certainly seems to be getting enough calories, and neding the money for food doesn't appear to be a major issue.

When you give money to a grifter or a beggar, the state usually gets a nice cut. Gambling, alcohol, cigs... so when you hand that dirtbag a dollar, you're funding light rail!

Pretty soon the state will be out of the liquor business. (And prices will go up.)

Offering this guy anything but money is like offering David a
ride back to Welches.

I wonder where he learned the Aussie accent?

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