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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A different kind of high

Universities around the country are buying drone aircraft. Maybe the U of O ought to pick up a few to keep an eye on the football players. They could put a swoosh on it.

Comments (4)

If U of O deployed drones, they would probably be armed.

Flying sensing platforms are the police and security forces of the future. They cost far less than people and make it easier to point fingers at third parties when something goes wrong.

Drones in the good ole USA is the signal that the next phase of the global police state is being put into operation.

The uber elites are crapping in their pants that the game is just about up. It is going to get a lost worse in the short term, but they can't stop the drive to liberty in the long term.

It's not just drones in the sky. Technology will allow government to be pushed down as close to the individual as it can possibly go to ensure our "safety and security". It's really only a matter of time, unless we run out of energy first.

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