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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Your Warmed-Over City Hall Press Release of the Day

The DJC spits it right up, just like it went down.

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Shouldn't Randy's office be in that old building?

The plan is to move him in there the week before the wrecking ball hits.

Looks pretty bad to me from this:

"a major design objective was to create a sense of community ....."


Probably a good idea to be as earthquake-proof as possible. Which begs the question, why are these folks spending so much money on stuff that is NOT needed?

They need a good stable facility. As does the Parks Bureau. And fire stations.

But why does this city have so many feeble-minded managers? Or do they assume we are the dim ones and laugh at us:

“All of our maps and our warehouse where the crews go to get parts to go do work in the field would all be compromised,” said David Gray, capital projects manager for the bureau.

Really? Their maps are stored there? Drawn on parchment and animal hides no doubt, along with their dowsing rod distribution wagons.

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