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Friday, April 13, 2012

Worst Fukushima fallout in United States was in Portland area

This is really distressing. And why are we learning about it from some sketchy report on a blog somewhere? Where have the Oregon health officials been who keep telling us that everything's fine?

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Oregon health officials? Are there any? Really?
I thought those folks in Salem just sat around and waited for the drug companies, and industrial food production honchos and the like to tell them what to do and say.

That wasn't from Fukushima. That was just old Hanford run-off.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Links, Jo?

Maybe it's because we don't allow no stinking nukes in Oregon, so that makes us safe and there's nothing to worry about. You know, head-in-sand syndrome, typical feelgood politics.

From the moment when I saw our local news person saying that this was no more dangerous to us than taking a flight on a commercial airliner, I have not believed the state media's assessment of Fukushima.
Even more alarming was how the story became virtually scrubbed from the airwaves while the alternative sources were sounding so ominous.
Then you had the disappointing comments by some on this blog who used this as yet another excuse to say, "I trust the authorities."
If you've been reading about this - and I try to be just as cynical about the alarmist stuff - you know the trend in the reports is towards a much more serious ongoing event.

The one thing I cherish most is knowing. I just don't want to sleep walk through the world not knowing the truth.

We have not, and are not, and will not be getting the truth from the state media on this.

Wow, I love it when someone tries to sound heavy and ends up sounding stupid - even when it's me. For example JK Rowling's new book is called, "The Casual Vacancy". That's supposed to be heavy but it sounds more like Lindsay Lohan's brain.

Anyway, I just looked at that last sentence from my previous comment and what I said, if you break it down, was, "We have not be getting the truth."

Wait, I'm starting to like that.

Maybe Fukushima has damaged my brain.

My wife just suffered a miscarriage. Talking to the midwives/nurses it seems that miscarriage totals in the area seem to be up this year, by quite a few. Nothing scientific just talk and observation. Wonder if this could have something to do with it.

Bill: And we will not been getting it any time soon.

Three words: real estate value

The developer welfare system would crash if this got out.

Time for this to go viral.

I don't know that it makes that big a difference to real estate values unless heads have been in the sand all along. The Portland area already sits on top of one of the most dangerous earthquake locations in the US (Cascadia Subduction Zone), on top of large, naturally occurring radioactive radon deposits as a result of the Missoula Flood events 15,000 years ago, has a dormant volcano in its back yard prone to dangerous plinian eruptions that could easily take out the entire Portland water supply and/or send apocalyptic amounts of debris crashing into the Columbia creating floods downstream, and if that weren't enough, 2/3 of the nation's nuclear bad juju is sitting in one of the world's oldest waste dumps a couple hundred miles upriver that's been leaking for decades.

I suppose real estate agents probably aren't required to divulge all these encyclopedia facts, though.

Aye. There was a white ash all over everything for a few days then. The official monitoring was only of ambient atmospheric radiation rather than fallout solids, then they shut down the monitoring stations before there was even a pretense of containment over there.. To quote Assange, "The best way to keep a secret is not to have one."

The "Problem? What problem?" was always to good to be true on Fukushima. Jet stream is mostly a fire hose straight from there to here.

8 pCi/kg is NOTHING, that is still less than 4 times Background @ 1 meter which is where we need to begin to pay attention. ALSO, it mentions NOTHING about the Cesium being traceable to Fukushima only that is was measurable. Cesium 137 is the most prominent isotope available at Hanford AND is the "Standard" for calibrating most all of our domestic survey equipment. Go measure the Radon in you basement.

Do you think any plutonium particles have made it here from Fukushima?

And what would have produced the plutonium particles? We only anticipate measuring Cesium 137 & 134, and Iodine 131, along with some daughter isotopes that I have no idea what they would be, and only Cs-137 & I-131 would travel beyond the shores of Japan from this situation, due to the length of transit time across the ocean to here.

I received calls from people shocked that plutonium was measurable in Japanese soil, but since we dropped a couple of Nuclear Bombs there 70 years ago, I wasn't surprised, but it wouldn't have vaporized into the air from the hydrogen explosion at the power plant.

Any plutonium we would see here would probably be from Hanford but I can't imagine the dust making its way here to Portland, any plutonium should be mechanically encapsulated by this time.

As reported on the 10th, exposure is not solely from the soil surrounding Stumptown nor solely from cesium and iodine isotopes:

"Researchers at California State University, Long Beach found that the kelp contained radioactive iodine, cesium, xenon and other particles at levels unlikely to be detrimental to human health but much higher than the amounts measured before the disaster."

Reassurance is proffered, although the second sentence would benefit from an edit:

"Medical experts, however, said the disaster’s impact on U.S. public health was likely insignificant. Exposures of large numbers of people in past nuclear accidents, such as Chernobyl, have indicated that any radiation that reached the West Coast wouldn’t have much of an effect."

I have encountered no report of measurements along the OR coast.

If you're really worried about "fallout" then make sure to use plenty of iodized salt on your food (if your city/state health Nazi's will allow it) and stay away from the bananas. Oh, and don't forget to wear your tinfoil hat!

"Forrest's" IP address is Roslyn, Washington. Probably one of the many Hanford worker trolls. They make plutonium, and in the next life they are going to meet the guy it's named after.

All you guys ought to be in great shape from running frantically in circles screaming "The Fukushima radiation is coming.

Another troll, from Corvallis, nuclear capital of Oregon. Dead industry for 40 years, but we still have a department at the university. Money well spent.

Maybe it's because we don't allow no stinking nukes in Oregon, so that makes us safe and there's nothing to worry about. You know, head-in-sand syndrome, typical feelgood politics.

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