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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

They've got our vote

The ballots will be here within the week, and so it's time to name our picks in the May primary. We're registered D for this one. In the races that are contested, here are our choices:

Oregon attorney general. We were leaning toward Dwight Holton in this race, but after his best buddy John Kroger's recent maneuvering to become president of Reed College, we're mighty leery of what's going on there. That leaves Ellen Rosenblum, who promises to make Hardy Myers look like Lebron James. We may actually leave this one blank.

Oregon Supreme Court seat 3. We're going with the experienced trial judge, Richard Baldwin.

Court of Appeals seat 6. The powers that be are united behind Tim Volpert, and that makes us nervous. James Egan, a trial judge in Eugene Albany, has a lot of support among the litigation attorneys around the state. It's a coin flip, but we'll probably vote for Egan.

Multnomah commissioner. Our district is sitting this one out. If we could, we'd vote for Patty Burkett.

Portland mayor. We promised we'd vote for Max Brumm, and we will. But we're hoping the Mrs. will vote for Scott Fernandez. Bill Dant would also be a decent choice. This one's sure to be headed for a runoff, and so there's no need to hold your nose and vote for someone you don't trust.

Portland City Council seat 1. Bruce Altizer.

Portland City Council seat 4. Scott McAlpine.

Metro, 5th District. None of these looks good. Helen Ying rises to the top of a weak pack, but that Judy Shiprack endorsement she has is scary as all get-out. The guy running against Bob Stacey in the 6th District, Jonathan Levine, also looks good enough. But it's Metro; we're not hopeful that anything good will come of any of the candidates.

Library tax measure. Sure. We like the library, despite the deceitful practices of its supporters in their most recent ballot measure campaign.

Portland charter cleanup. Who cares? Not worth the lead in the pencil.

U.S. Congress, 3rd District. We're writing in Bernie Giusto.

We think that's it, but there are always some goofy contests on the ballot that we hadn't anticipated before it got here. We'll add those in when we find out what they are.

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I was going to hold my nose in the Mayoral election, but then I also figured out that it would head to a runoff, so I'm going to vote happily for Brumm or Fernandez this time around.

We have our own issues out here in Clackistan. Big choice is whether to vote for Dwight Holton or Ellen Rosenblum. As PERS retirees, we are concerned with who gets elected and having a choice between a soon-to-be-Ex-PERS retiree, and Fed Boy, the choice is tough. The Oregonian's endorsement of Holton is enough to make me want to vote for Rosenblum, but god only knows what wrath he will bring. After Kroger's disastrous leadership, we're not exactly thrilled by the choices. I'm thinking writing in Jose Canseco.

Out of curiosity, did you attend the ACS's debate between the three SC candidates? Quite informative. I'd love to know your reasons for going with Baldwin over Sercombe.

What I liked about Kroger was that the power elite of the state were afraid of him. But now I see that they've cashed out their fear. If Holton is another Kroger, he'll be looking for his next gig as soon as he tires of the Salem commute and the crummy pay.

Can you elaborate on your decision to write in Bernie Giusto for Congress??

I'd love to know your reasons for going with Baldwin over Sercombe.

The Supreme Court needs trial judge perspective.

Can you elaborate on your decision to write in Bernie Giusto for Congress??

Earl's made enough money.

And those neon bicycle pins are dumb!

I've been an avid follower of this blog for 10+ years -- lived in Portland for 13 years before headed back to North Tobaccolaccy in '05 -- and I've never felt the need to comment until now. Ellen Rosenblum is a great jurist (her father was a groundbreaking federal court judge in Chicago) and a decent person. Forget Willy Week, conspiracy theories or any vague misgivings, she would be a honorable and effective AG. I won't try to get into all the details of why I feel so strongly about her; suffice it to say I've seen her in court and in the community and she would be a breath of fresh air in Salem.

I have met and observed Judge Rosenblum and like her a great deal, and I'm sure she would make a fine state attorney general. I would prefer someone who would shake things up in the state's power structure, however, and alas, she seems highly unlikely to do that.

I believe the obvious choice for Attorney General is to write in Jack Bogdanski.

Oregon attorney general: Judge Roy Bean....

An up-to-date Portlander would not proudly hand out green, plastic bike pins, probably with bis-phenol. Earl has been in D.C. wayyyyyy too long. He can't remember what it is like to live in the "where did that come from?" bubble. He needs to come home and sample the cart-food that is earning such national recognition. Fernandez for mayor is a top priority. We need somebody who knows what the Boeing Plume is and how to make sure it does not hit us in the face when we take a shower.

Thanks Jack, I really appreciate this! I'm also going to vote Scott McAlpine since he and my dad coached my baseball team when I was 9 years old! Great guy and I've known him for years. Hey maybe the 39% that's undecided with spit the votes so Scott and I will be in the run off. We can only hope for the sake of Portland. Don't forget to vote!

Do not, under any circumstances, vote for any of the "Big 3" for mayor.

We need a runoff on this one.

I don't care about Kroger one way or the other, but I'm not getting why him landing the gig at Reed is a reason to vote against Holton.

Even if Kroger was misleading about his career intentions, which it seems he was, how does this become Holton's problem?

Not that I like Holton that much either. But there are other reasons --real reasons that pertain directly to Holton-- to not like Holton, without holding what Kroger is up to against him.

Scott in the run-off.



That's how I'm voting, but I'm not so naive as to hope that something worthwhile will come out of this election.

That is what we are supposed to do, is kind of give up on the election. In my view, we are at crossroads and instead need to escalate our efforts to get other than the "insider" candidates into office.

I wrote this about 10 days ago
Monday, April 16, 2012 on the thread
Hales: "I'm not a maintainer":

Remember when Bud Clark won in the primary?

Remember when Margaret Straughn won a commission seat? The "expected" candidates to win had the media there, and then the media had to go to her, she opened the door and essentially said that they had the money and that she had the people.

Remember the Francesconi, and Potter race?

Going back to mayoral race from seven years ago, all of Francesconi's financial support didn't translate to a win. He finished second to Potter in the primary -- trailing by eight percentage points -- despite raising more than $1 million.

Question then is -
What is the mood of the Portland people?
Are they going to vote?
Are they going to vote for the familiar names
or are they wanting new people in charge?

Do NOT leave any race unvoted. If you need to, mark two or three boxed to invalidate that issue. If you leave it blank, there is a chance that someone later will "ascertain your true intent" and mark the ballot for you.

Mark White is the correct answer for Commissioner #4.

I feel like Sally Field;)

Thank you Mr. Bogdanski! I am very pleased to get a fantastic nod from you!

I did not perform well @WW endorsement interview. That's fine. It was my 3rd interview. However, I have made up for it with my "salvos" with the County overall, @PDX Mercury endorsement interview. Judy wasn't expecting me to say what I did. I must admit I was a bit of a pit bull! And...@the Hollywood Senior Center on Monday, April 23rd. That was extremely fun for me as the audience was extremely enthusiastic when I declared that they all should get "Single Payer" exactly like the President & Congress." They were so excited! Debbie, Wes & Judy were silent. They looked like I just ran over them with a MAC truck! I'm getting there! I've got my mojo now! I am beyond the moon with your encouragement! I deeply respect your opinion and your "Bogdanski Buds"! I'm still having fun! With my deepest appreciation, Patty

Egan is a Linn, not Lane, county circuit court judge. I know that it all blurs south of Wilsonville for ImPortant landers, but we downstaters care.

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