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Monday, April 23, 2012

While we build the Mystery Train to Milwaukie...

... with $250 million borrowed against state lottery funds, we find this disgraceful situation in our court system. What a wicked, little place 21st Century Oregon is turning out to be.

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Rockwood is the definition of neglect. Any money to be made was milked from the area long ago. This was high density housing in the 70s - too many apartments packed into one district which lowered the value of all of them. The first party to trash the neighborhood was the Gresham city government that allowed too many apartments in one area. Now when the county has a chance to help, they choose this as a place to cut? Government has not been good to Rockwood.


That is a different color of money. You see, it comes from a different pocket of money and the two colors cannot be mixed or matched. It is very complicated but remember, it is sustainable, it is iconic, visionary, and it is for the kids. Full steam ahead!

I wouldn't be surprised if some judge somewhere wasn't getting a lot of pressure to find a reason, any reason, to invalidate or delay the ballot initiative. There are just too many local level politicians acting afraid of PMLR being interfered with.

Anytime someone mentions "color of money", I have to remind everyone of Jack's Best Post Ever: http://bojack.org/2011/05/to_all_the_bummedout_portland.html

The FFGA has a provision in which TriMet states they have identified adequate revenue needed to operate the new line for 20 years.

There's plenty of revenue. TriMet hasn't eliminated all of their bus lines just yet. Until TriMet scraps its last bus, there is all sorts of money for light rail.

Sucks, though, if you're four miles from a MAX line and you don't have a car to drive to a TriMet owned parking facility.

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