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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where's Waldo?

Our ballot has arrived in the "May" primary election. The darned thing is two-sided and 17 inches long. And finding your favorite candidate for Portland mayor, on the back, turns out to be quite the treasure hunt:

Back in the "clean money" days, when Portland taxpayers were being saddled with the costs of politicians' campaigns, we were told that the need to raise private funding kept people from entering into local politics. Let it be noted that there are 23 listed candidates for mayor.

Meanwhile, check out the Fritz-Nolan-Altizer City Council race way down at the bottom of the page, in the corner, with only a thin line separating it from the mayoral wannabe pile. A lot of voters are going to miss that one.

Now, don't forget to write in Bernie Giusto for Congress and Aaron Campbell for county district attorney. Good times.

Comments (3)

I can't recall when we didn't have 15 or more candidates for mayor here in Portland.
Admitted some were perennial candidates of less than rational leanings (not much change after reading the voters pamphlet) but they ran.
What is sad is that the Big O and others have spent precious little effort to explore the others we have running.
We have a number of apparently very capable and dedicated people running yet all we get is the three stooges...

Amanda lucked out with that ballot position.

Fritz has a slight edge in name recognition city wide though Nolan may match that in limited areas of the West Side.

After plowing through the morass of mayoral names just above the City Council Position 1 contest, there will be folks who will just go with the familiar name in the Position 1 race, and Fritz will get votes because she is first on the list and has the f more familiar name city wide.

Jack, I'm sorry, softball season has started, and Bernie has games to umpire this week - he won't be available to go to DC.

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