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Thursday, April 26, 2012

What it's all aboot

They're going into the second overtime of Game 7 in the pro hockey playoff contest New Jersey vs. Florida.

UPDATE, 9:16 p.m.: Jersey prevails! As it should be. Hockey -- in Florida?

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Go Devils! Hockey in Florida, Tennessee,Phoenix, LA???? I completely agree.
Speaking of which,here in HAWKEY TOWN the PORTLAND WINTERHAWKS of the Western Hockey League just completed thier series sweep over Tri-Cities,and repeating as the Western Conference Champions!!
Next up...Edmonton for the Western Hockey League title. The winner of that best of 7 advances to the Memorial Cup tournament. The Stanley Cup of Major Junior hockey. Catch the games, Jack. Guaranteed to fill that hockey void you're feeling this time of year! GO HAWKS!!

Fun place to catch the Winterhawk away games via satellite: the Skybox in Sellwood.

Even John and Anna Canzano were at the Winterhawks game on Thursday, two rows behind me. And Mojo - indeed, the Skybox is a great place to watch any sports. A friend and I were there for Game 7 when the Red Sox finally won a World Series after about a million years - and a beautiful full moon out the window as well.

Plus, the Rangers have former Winterhawks player Brandon Dubinsky to cheer for - about the only one left, since Hossa was taken out by the cheap hit.

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