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Sunday, April 8, 2012

We're getting killed in Mayoral Madness

We're not sure exactly how she's doing it, besides buying votes, but one of the most controversial divorce lawyers in Portland is generating nonstop love in her face-off with us in the WW Mayoral Madness tournament. We were ahead by 100 votes yesterday, but now we're 300 votes down. If you haven't already done so, please go here and cast a vote in our favor. It will take a miraculous comeback over the next 24 hours to emerge victorious.

Comments (16)

I'd guess she has dirt on the WW staff and is blackmailing them into faking the count..

Whatever. It's a mystery.

Although I'll always be with you in spirit, I'm rapidly approaching the difficult decision to resign as your Chief of Staff in order to spend more time with my family.

Can I go with you?

Bribery and ballot box stuffing worked for LBJ -- why not Jody?

(Although I actually *like* LBJ.)

There's a bug in the 'vote' software. Find it and either squish it or exploit its features.

Let her buy the election Jack. At the end of the day she is still a pathetic Old Man Potter to your George Bailey.

Oh well. She just put up more than 60 votes in an hour late on a Sunday night. That isn't a legion of followers; that's somebody manipulating the system. Whatever. It was supposed to be fun. And it was, up to a point.

After Citizens United, nothing surprises me.

The only way Stahancyk could generate that many votes without cheating is if winning the election got the victor escorted out of town forever, never to be heard from again. Or ensured them selection in the next reaping of the Hunger Games.

And now I am giggling, enjoying the idea of Stahancyk in the Hunger Games arena. Because I don't think that woman has spent a day hungry in her life. She feeds off the souls of broken-hearted children of her clients.

Figuring out how to cheat the software would provide you with a hollow victory. In another pop culture reference, she is King Geoffrey. And I don't think things are going to end well for him.

My candidates never win. That's because they're too high-minded.

Maybe voting on this issue is a professional courtesy from the other sharks.

A little off topic but, all I see here on the inner east side are lawn signs for Jefferson Smith ( and I mean dozens)... as though he's the only candidate..I haven't seen not even one lawn sign for any of the other people in this race.. are the other candidates not wasting their time on the inner SE because they think Smith has it locked up? Or are they just that unorganized?

Since she is in the divorce business, each ex-husband/wife counts as two votes and then I also think the "hire one lawyer and you employ two" principle is also in effect.

In any case, she's profiting on the misfortune of others.

Robert: I've seen the same, especially on NE 33rd. However, I've seen a fairly even mix of Smith and Hales signs on the interior streets (not as much Brady)in my corner of NE. My uneducated guess is Smith is focusing his foot traffic/signage efforts (he was written up in the O last week for his weekend door-to-door stops)on high visibility areas.

Honestly makes no damned sense to me. I mean, you are an irascible bastard,but a lovable one and Jody is just scary and mean. Go figure, but in the meantime, GET OUT THE VOTE!

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