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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Use only as directed

And it can't hurt to scroll down to the customer reviews, either.

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Ummmmm. Okay. It's amusing. Hysterical in some ways, but also . . . . . a bit scary. Even in our differing opinions I have come to appreciate both your intelligence and humor. Still. Just HOW did you run across this? You're scarin me Jack!

Copy writing at its best.

Tears of pain? No! Tears of laughter!

I thought there was a familiar theme to this on:

"Tears of pain? No! Tears of laughter!"

I like the Brit reviews the best.

"You're scarin me Jack!"

I think the host takes his educator role of bringing us all the news that is fit to print very seriously. I have been educated, and I will use only as directed.

I think we have found suitable going away gifts for Randy and Sam.

My 11 year old boy, who watches entirely too much of the British Top Gear, refers to his crotch at his 'gentleman's region'.

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