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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time expired for Ellis McCoy's buddy

Here's an intriguing footnote to the Ellis McCoy Portland parking meter bribery scandal: The outfit with whom McCoy was conducting his shady dealings has been sold. According to a newspaper in Pittsburgh, Cale Parking Systems USA has sold all of its assets to the Swedish manufacturer of the high-tech parking meters at the heart of the scandal. The foreign outfit has then set up a new company called Cale America, which is now wheeling and dealing with cities like Pittsburgh.

Apparently, the switcheroo eliminates the involvement of George Levey, the Cales guy who allegedly bribed McCoy, the Portland parking meter coordinator. Levey and his old firm have never been charged with any crime. Some of the employees of the tainted old company are now working for the new one.

McCoy was charged by the U.S. attorney's office when Dwight Holton, who is currently running for state attorney general, was running that office.

The official line from City Hall is that the McCoy scandal is an isolated incident. Sure. Sure it is.

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It may be time to start looking at the people pushing the bike rental kiosk scam. How much do you want to bet that some of the same names show up there, too?

You know the Oregonian's piece (by reporter Beth Slovic) never even raised the issue of the parking manager's "questionable" dealings when they did their critique of Sam Adams' running of the Portland Department of Transportation (PDOT). In this respect, the truth of Adams' performance in running PDOT is worse than portrayed by this critical article.

I wish the Oregonian would do an honest critique of Commissioner Leonard's running of the Water bureau. Water and sewer bills are quickly taking over as the scariest part of the cost of living in Portland. The water and sewer bill is surpassing the total of other utility bills, and is rapidly closing its gap on the property tax bill. With things starting to get a bit hot, Commissioner Leonard seems to be making the right political call to get out of dodge while the gettin's good (not exactly at his top but more like midway back down from his peak).

Parking meter scandal, what parking meter scandal?
Pardon me, while I fall down laughing.

I still think Red Harvest should be required reading in PPS.

With property taxes and water sewer rates alone , retirement does not look good for this blue collar guy. I guess this is the sacrifice we must make to feed big brother. "It takes a village. "

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