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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thumper Humphreys running for sheriff

The violent man who brutally murdered James Chasse may soon be the sheriff of Wheeler County, Oregon.

According to the city's public safety fund, Humphreys was off duty from the Portland Police Bureau and collecting disability benefits between Jan. 27, 2006, and Jan. 3, 2007, and again from Nov. 27, 2009, through April 6, 2012....

Humphreys said Tuesday he used the time off to obtain counseling, and now is feeling good and eager to give back to the Wheeler County community, home to five generations of his family.

God help them over there.

Comments (6)

Calling all internets: does he have an opponent? Isn't there any legal approach to heading him off? Like obscure elections rules?
I guess they don't have minimum requirements for elected officials, like they might need to get a good private sector leadership job. (Good character, temperance, self-restraint, solid community reputation, etc).

How sad.

Gotta' remember Thumper is a home grown Wheeler County Mountain Man.

Born and bred.

He may fit right in there.

So sad that he still has a BPST certification.

And he always gives worse than he gets. Maybe Wheeler County will change it's name to Thumper County. They'll probably love getting a maniac Shuruff.

Not like he would heed my advice, but Humphries might consider more of an Andy of Mayberry approach to law enforcement in Fossil than the SF dirty Harry model.

I would not expect him to have 14 backup officers if he decides to over react to someone peeing outside in downtown Michell.

Still, for those of us that believe in redemption, I wish Humphries and Wheeler County good luck. They'll both need it.

Until he suffers a reinjury of his psyche due to an election loss, in which case he reopens his claim here.

"from Nov. 27, 2009, through April 6, 2012...."

There are people who win the lottery that don't have a steady income that long.

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