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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The main reason Charlie Hales should not be mayor

He's a quitter and a developer shill, but it's worse than that: He has problems telling the truth. WW hits the nail on the head in the sidebar about two thirds of the way down this page:

Hales' tax returns show his Washington state residency saved him an estimated $29,900 in 2008 and 2009, the years covered by the returns Hales released to WW.

Claiming you’re a nonresident for tax purposes, the Oregon Department of Revenue says, requires declaring you no longer live in Oregon.

"You’re a nonresident if your permanent home was outside Oregon all year," the department’s guidelines say.

Meanwhile, Hales kept voting in Oregon, a privilege state law says is reserved for residents.

Records show Hales voted eight times, from 2004 through 2009, in Oregon elections. He did so using a Hayden Island address, even as he told Oregon tax officials he actually lived in Washington...

When WW asked Hales in June about his residency, he made false statements. He said he never declared Washington as his residence for tax purposes. "I am and have always been an Oregon resident," he said.

Today, Hales says he was mistaken in his statements to WW because he had forgotten that he had filed his taxes as a Washington resident.

"I haven’t spent the last 10 years walking around thinking about my tax returns," Hales says now. "Mea culpa. I’m not an accountant."

Not credible, Charlie. Don't vote for him, folks.

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If Char-lie is that forgetful, he should probably not be driving a car, allowed to write checks or make major decisions of any type whatsoever.
WTF...who "forgets" when and where they filed their tax returns, unless of course he is suffering from some sort of dementia.

Wow. Another blatant liar. Did he really think this wasn't going to come up? The temerity of some of these people is astounding. Why isn't he being prosecuted for either voter or tax fraud?

The Oregonian will be retracting its endorsement, yes?

Just what you Podunkers need: another lying mayor.

And just think if he wasn't running for mayor, he would have never been caught. I'll bet there are a lot of Charlies wandering the Great Northwest.

How did he save so much money on taxes with this ruse? I thought that if you made your money in Oregon, you paid taxes on it in Oregon, regardless of your state of residency. Does he "earn" money mostly out of state, thereby excluding it?

"because he had forgotten that he had filed his taxes as a Washington resident."

That seems perfectly believable - NOT.

Can we at least get someone in office who not confused by the truth.

As far as the voting here, but no paying taxes here - Charlie, were you lying then or now?

I think I'd want to turn it over to the OR Dept of Revenue to resolve the back taxes issue.

"I thought that if you made your money in Oregon"

I'm sure he had HDR registered and paying him in WA.

"I lied." - Sam Adams

"I forgot." - Charlie Hales

Think about it -- how did he get an Oregon ballot? Did he retain a property/mailbox in Oregon and received his ballot there? Did he not get a ballot in the mail cause he didn't have an Oregon mailing address and actively pursued a ballot? And - he did this for years?

He wants to run the city and billions of budget dollars but he can't get it straight to change his voter registration to where he claims he lives? Do we have no standards in this city?

I of course expect the blueoregon peeps to provide the same level of scrutiny to this as they did to Chris Dudley in 2010.

(Come on admit it you need a laugh)

And its not just Scam Adams or Char-lie.

Jeffy Smith can't remember to show up for court or pay his bar dues.

Ellen invents a complete business history for herself.

And those are the three annointed -by-the-media "leading candidates" for mayor.

You gotta' laugh. But you really ought to cry.

Dant and Fernanendez are the two with a tad bit of integrity and some common sense.

But most folks aren't paying any attention.

So sad.

I can see how you'd pick these reasons to question Charlie Hales, but for me, the red flag will always be the skateboard ordinance. These problems you cite are examples of someone trying to advance their cause in one way or another depending on the situation. They might be troubling on a moral level, but at least they make sense.

The skateboard ordinance doesn't make sense. Drive your car to a busy intersection in Portland and imagine that a skateboarder at a standing stop, can now push off out into traffic and slowly navigate across. It is so idiotic that skateboarders don't do it. That's the saving grace of this plan - it's too dumb to implement.

I personally asked Charlie if he thought this up after a few too many at the office Christmas party, and he doubled down on the ordinance.

Obviously, Charlie has big-time political/corporate talent. But once you exhibit the ability to make a bad decision like the skateboard ordinance, you lose me.

Portland will get the best Mayor that the light rail/condo mafia can buy. Just like always.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

During the OPB "Think Out Loud" candidates forum, Hales said his political role model was Vera. 'nuff said...or, at least it should be. But if this doesn't kill Hales' candidacy, what's it going to take?

Another brazen liar and cheat for Portland mayor? How about a pedophile or other sexual predator? Portland seems to have a fondness for them too, in public office, as long as they make promises that sound "progressive" or "on the right track" to the average group-think brain donor that now calls Portland their home.

More than likely Hales will be the next mayor because Portlanders don't want change. He and his buddies at HDR are already spending money we don't have for projects we don't need. And Nonny Mouse, Fernandez has a lot more than a tad bit of integrity and common sense. You consumed safe healthy water for the last decade because of him.

1. Isn't voting fraud a felony?

2. Isn't tax evasion a felony?

Shouldn't Hales' address be 2605 State Street, Salem, OR 97310?

At this point, I'm writing in Stenchy, because I won't actually have to hold my nose quite as much when doing so as I would with any of the others. It's all rather depressing.

Hey. He only lied about tax and legal stuff. Not about anything important, like sex for example.

1. Isn't voting fraud a felony?
2. Isn't tax evasion a felony?

Only if anyone with the jurisdictional authority cares, which doesn't seem to be the case in Oregon anymore.

Why would a weasal who lives in WA think he could become mayor of the largest city in OR? Run for mayor of the Couve if they would have him.

How could Charlie and his wife forget signing their WA tax returns? Or did he have their accountant forge the names?

In the recent mayoral debate Hales claimed that his vision created the Cascade URA. He forgot to mention that his vision at city council hearings called for Cascade to be a transit oriented zoned utopia. It languished for years with no development until zoning was again changed to allow big-box, auto oriented development. His vision was wrong. And that is what his visions for Portland's future will likely mean too.

What is sad is that the other two media mentioned candidates visions are similar. That is why Scott Fernandez makes sense. Fiscal responsible.

There are no Washington tax returns. That's the whole point. But they did sign Oregon nonresident returns, or at least he did.

Ironic that the banner ad to the right of this article is an endorsement for Charlie Hales for Mayor by the Oregonian... Nice!

sally - (presumably your comment is facetious...) the Oregonian endorsed him *because* he's a developer shill, and as the Oregonian is generally anti-Oregon income tax and pro-new bridge to Vancouver, it would make sense they approve of Charlie and others following the common practice of "living" in Clark County to avoid Oregon taxes.

I started to write about the many reasons not to ever let Charlie back into our city hall again. My comments turned into pages... and there might be enough for a few chapters of our city history. More later. For now, let me just say, I witnessed way too much, the disrespect and changing of our good city codes for one. He was in a role that in my opinion fit Hales so well, operating like a fox in the hen house.

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