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Monday, April 9, 2012

The flying monkeys are here

Over the weekend, a reader complained that Jody Stahancyk's campaign was paying people on microworkers.com to vote for her over us in WW's inane Mayoral Madness contest:

The reader gave a pretty authentic-looking link, but if you joined the microworkers site and looked for it, any such posting was gone by yesterday.

Now some clown has posted another job on that site, purporting to be from us, in which people would be paid to to vote for us:

We would never do such a thing, and people should be aware that if you get paid for voting, it won't be by the Bojack camp.

Please vote against all this vicious stuff here. We've fallen way behind, but perhaps we can stage a Monday surge. This round of the contest ends, mercifully, at 8:00 tonight West Coast time.

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I've finally figured this thing out and here's the slogan:

A vote for Jack is a vote for Jody to get the help she needs.

Listen, anyone who talks about herself by saying, "Jody Stahancyk does not lose" is more than obnoxious. This whole thing is a desperate personal struggle. That's not someone bragging. That's a cry for help.

Deep down, Jody thinks of herself as a loser. She always has, and no matter how many victories she gets in court, she always will. This isn't an election anymore. This is a personal crisis.

And it's okay, Jody. We all go through that. Everyone of us goes through moments where we think we're the biggest loser in the world. Some of us just have more trouble admitting it.

I'm calling on you to concede. Not because you want to, but because it would be good for you. Set an example for the children. Yell it to the world: "I'm Jody Stahancyk and I need help."

You don't need this election. You need a group hug.

And if she's not ready to concede - not ready to begin the healing journey - that's where we come in.

Vote for Jack: For Portland, for the children, for Jody.

Reminds me of a saying I first heard in college working on the student newspaper. "Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and the pig likes it."

If she wants it that badly, and that way, let her have it.

I'm voting as fast as I can!

How come the links to "get paid" haven't worked when I clicked on them? Since the first time they were posted. Must be my journalistic soul actually checking my sources...

Re: "my journalistic soul"

Princess W,

How oxymoronically pretentious of you. What sources have you checked regarding the existence of your "soul," "journalistic" or otherwise?

Sounds to me like a ruse from the other candidate's camp to throw the stink off their own misdeeds. Seriously lame.

Win or lose, at least you will be able to sleep tonight.

Well, since you insist. I've got some fine degrees and God told me yesterday I was a good soul. No big deal though. If it bothers you - feel free to think otherwise. As mentioned - since Duane Sorenson has been out - I refuse to vote. My heart is broken (I think it might imply I have a sould too but no scientific research has shown that so lets not get into it). Enjoy your day! Cheers!

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