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Monday, April 2, 2012

The best stupid thing you'll do all day

Please help us make it to the next round of Willamette Week's Mayoral Madness contest. We're anticipating a surge of votes for our opponent this afternoon, and so we need all the help we can get by 8:00 tonight Pacific Time. Please take five seconds to go here, scroll down just a bit, and vote for Bojack.

They're apparently accepting only one vote from any given IP address, but if you voted over the weekend from home, now would be a good time to give it a shot from work or another location. If we are selected as Portland's ersatz mayor, there'll be a chicken, or appropriate soy-based substitute, in every pot.

Comments (8)

How many free wifi spots are there in town.....

Jack, I see Thomas Lauderdale, beloved bandleader and Portland icon, is trailing his opponent, who has quite a different reputation. Perhaps you should ask people to vote for Thomas in this bracket? BoJack v. Lauderdale is much more interesting than BoJack v. Stahancyk. And you can rest assured he won't pull any dirty tricks against you!

I'm still looking for a clearer message from the campaign. How can this election be "stupid" when it clearly matters so much to Jack? That's the kind of nuance the voters rebel against. Let me rephrase what's really going on here:

The fate of humanity is riding on this election. Vote for Jack while there's still time to save the planet.

(Switch here to movie trailer voice) "In a world gone mad with corporate power, where the media controls our thoughts from the moment we wake up in the morning, to when we finally crumble into bed at night, one man finally said enough! See Jack Bogdanski in, "Blog This!" ...opening this summer in theaters everywhere. Popcorn sold separately."

Clear those cookies and cache and pretend this is chicago!

I voted early! And I'll vote often!

Clearing cookies & caches does not work.

Voted five times. Two from home (Firefox and IE) and two from work (Same/Same) and once from my iPhone.

Naw, we don't need no stinking voter ID.

Clearing cookies and caches may not work but something sure does, because Thomas Lauderdale is losing his match and that makes NO sense at all. Come on people, get in there and cast your vote for a Portland treasure!! He and Jack would be a great match-up for the final Failing round.

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