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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Springtime in Sam Rand Portland

It's a beautiful day. Too bad about this.

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The brings texture to the community.

Jesse and Al should be here tomorrow, or as soon as they can get their jets airborne.

This would almost be a funny caricature if it weren't so sad. Sadder still is the Oregonian's continued suppression of unpleasant facts surrounding 97 percent of the gang-related shootings and MAX/transit violence in Portland. Jesse and Al? Nowhere to be found of course - there's no money in this and it doesn't fit the standard narrative. Albina Ministerial Alliance? Same story. Vigil for Trayvon last week, how about a vigil or two over this type of thing, or a couple words about personal responsibility from someone in the African-American community?

I wonder...if this individual on the roof, had been at the street car stop on Pettygrove, would the cops have taken him into custody for letting the last streetcar running pass by?

Looks like lots of cops had to drop their lattes at the Hoyt Street and NW 12th Starbucks and go running. But, I'm certain there was OT for all and some got the k-9 premium pay as well.

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