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Monday, April 30, 2012

Spinning the street pavement numbers

Some folks say Portland's streets are in terrible shape. The mayor says that compared to those in other West Coast cities, our streets aren't that bad. Now, who ya gonna believe?

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Since the city we're aspiring to be is Vancouver, BC, shouldn't that be the basis of comparison?

As my Mom says, just because the other kids jump off the cliff, should you do that as well? Looking at the specific numbers, our arterials are an average score of Fair; local streets average score is poor. I'm not sure that comparable scores from other cities is something to brag about. I would guess other cities have similar problems to Portland/Oregon funding of road work - gas taxes have not kept up with inflation, and cars are getting, and will continue to get, far better gas mileage, resulting in even fewer gas taxes.

And, hasn't Sammy boy said there will be little to no road maintenance/paving over the next five years? That'll drop our rating, and comparisons.

Yeah Sam, it's not as violent here as Juarez either - doesn't make it acceptable.

I'd like to hear which specific cities the mayor is comparing us to so it can be made public information, i.e. as publicity. Otherwise, this sounds like more made up crap as usual.

Reminds me of the "but your new water bill is still less than Comcast" line.

Y'know...It depends upon WHICH streets.

If it's 82nd Avenue we're talking about, then it's in crappy shape.

But, if it is a designated bicycle path, well, that's a different matter. Clinton Street got repaved with new paving just four years after the entire new surface was put on....because there was a huge subsidy for the bicycle path street, they just tore up the new surface to add another entirely unnecessary newer surface.

I suspect the same differentiation occurs throughout the city.

I'm familiar with that sort of false comparison. I refer to it as "taste-testing dog crap". Oh, you can discuss the particulars, but it doesn't make up for the horrible taste in your mouth.

I was just out on Sandy around 60th, and it's in the middle of a repave project. Yet the existing street doesn't seem to be in bad shape. Then I drove over to W. Burnside west of 405. What a mess. Who in the DOT prioritizes these projects?

"The mayor says that compared to those in other West Coast"

I'm sure we're not that bad compared to Addis Ababa either.

THis idiot can never address the issues can he?

Let's see...other west coast cities....like Ensenada, MX or Manta, Ecuador, or Panama City, Panama...? Not much street paving going on in any of those places either.

WWTD? (what will Tre do)

Park the streetcars and use the money for road maintenence.

Sam is right. Compared to some other West Coast cities, Portland is pretty damn good.

I mean, just look at the roads in the West Coast city of Valsetz. Portland has Valsetz beat, hands down.

Or how about the City of Elk City? My wife has jokes about the "Narrow, Winding Road, Next 10 Miles" sign when we went to Elk City (and never went back.)

Maybe Eddyville. Or Roy.

Yes, compared to THOSE cities, Portland is pretty damn good.

Compared to cities that 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999% of people have heard of...you know, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver...Portland is pretty far down on the list.

They just dont get it do they. Where are our Street Pavers at, Did Sam send them home? He is eliminating Public Works Supervisor Manager. That Bureau is going to be in a world of hurt, if someone with a Brian doesnt take charge SOON...

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