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Friday, April 27, 2012

Skanner's picks: Rosenblum, Hales, Fritz, Novick

Rosenblum because she "will act in the interests of everyday people on sentencing reform – not special interests that benefit from heightened incarceration rates." Fritz because she "has shown her commitment to bread-and-butter issues such as improving operations at the 9-1-1 call center...."

They're also yes on the library tax and yes on the two incumbents on the Mutlnomah County commission. The whole thing is here.

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Can we assume those "special interests that benefit from heightened incarceration rates" are taxpaying citizens who selfishly desire protection from criminals?

It's interesting that Holton-Rosenblum is basically boiling down to hard on crime vs. soft on crime. This is probably going to be a low-turnout election downstate, and so interest in the Portland mayor's race probably helps Rosenblum.

"not special interests that benefit from heightened incarceration rates."

I'd love him to elaborate on what the heck that means. I'd think less criminals on the street would benefit everyone?

Looks like they're too embarrassed even to try to explain their endorsement of Hales, who they know damn well ought to be in prison for tax fraud (hopefully he will be, before he takes office).

I guess certain people who belong in the "insider" club think they can do what they want without any serious consequence.

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