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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scenes from an amazing spring break

It took a lot of planning and scrimping, but we managed to get the family to the island of Maui, Hawaii for spring break. The trip was so action-packed and enjoyable that it will take some time for the highlights to sink in. (When the credit card bills get here, other aspects of the vacation will also sink in, no doubt.) Anyway, as we were faxing it in to the blogosphere, here are a few random cell phone shots of our real life over the last week and change:

At Mama's Fish House and Inn, just past Paia.

"Birth of Maui," incredible mural at the Grand Wailea Resort.

Our girls and their friend are way out there getting a surfing lesson, just east of Lahaina.

Dinner is underneath, Old Lahaina Luau.

We came home to some dead smoke detector batteries and a couple of wicked Windows updates, but otherwise everything was as it should be. We found a household item that we've been looking all over for for a couple of weeks, and the daphne's finally in bloom. Not to jinx it, but despite its tribulations, our life is good.

Comments (5)

Nice family getaway. Pretty stealthy escape too. Starting with the PSA that you would be less involved with the blog. Where's the family contest was a well disguised mystery. Welcome home.

Glad you got away to some sun and fun.
Maui is magic!

Money well spent to have time with your family. They grow up too fast. Smart decision.

Good on ya, Jack. Money spent on family vacations is like a 403(b) contribution to your family history.

They will remember this trip for the rest of their lives.

The Old Lahaina Luau is fantastic...highly recommended for anyone planning a trip to Maui.

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