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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Roving gangs of thugs at it again in Portland

We figured we were due for some violent action in Portland last night. First there was a gang fight and shooting at 130th and Division, with more than 20 people involved. A bullet went through a wall into a child's bedroom -- always a nice touch.

A few minutes later, the scene shifted to a mini-mart at 122nd and Burnside (site of a MAX station, natch), where, as the police tell it:

Officers arrived and spoke with employees who told officers that a "flash mob" of 15-20 African American males and females chased a white female in her late 30s and a white male into the store. As the white female was asking the clerk to call 9-1-1, the group of 15-20 ran into the store and took alcohol, candy and food from the shelves. Employees described having multiple altercations with the group inside the store.

As the group fled the store, one employee grabbed one of the suspects, described as a 17-18 year old African American female, 5'6" with a heavy build. The suspect hit the employee multiple times before fleeing the area. The employee went into the store to find the white female that had been chased into the store fighting with an African American male described as 17-18 years old, 5'11", 170 pounds.

The group returned to the store to get the remaining African American male, at which time an employee sprayed pepper spray at them. Everyone, including the white female and male that had been chased into the store, then ran away in different directions.

Man, what this town needs is a sustainability center -- badly. And let's hold some high school programs hostage to a new school tax. Great idea.

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I'm sure this will get as much national publicity as the Trayvon Martin/White Hispanic case...Maybe the white girl needs to die before they're "equivalent"?

It's like a 21st Century John Ford wild west film, but actually horrific because it's for real. This town's run by a bunch of money-sucking fops and poseurs. Maybe Portland should just replace the signs at the city limits with "Welcome to Mayhem."

This is starting to get downright scary.

Not a problem - in her new commercial Eileen Brady says she'll make the outer east side as safe and prosperous as every other neighborhood in Portland - it will be just like living in a big house at Mount Tabor -- just like she does.

Yes, vote for Irvington Jeffy, he'll be so much better.

I ride the Blue line MAX nearly every work day. I have for years and years. I'm now starting to drive downtown to work on Fridays. It'll cost me extra to do so but I don't feel very safe riding MAX anymore, particularly on Friday. Incidents are becoming for frequent and I'm just not willing to deal with it the same as I used to.

Wait until they run into someone with a conceled carry.

Its time to start renting my sand-bag filler as bullet berms will soon be the rage. Isn't Diversity wonderful?

Jack, you must of forgotten the words from city politicians, bureaucrats, PDC, candidates, and others. They claim that sustainable centers, streetcars, convention center hotels, bike paths, green whatever, creates jobs, which then creates tax revenue, then that hires more police, commissions, outreaches, prayer sessions that solves the crime sprees. Where have you been?

I'm SURE there is no connection between the incident at the BUS STOP at 130th & Division at 10:28 pm and the 11:04 pm incident at the MAX stop at 122 & Burnside.

I mean, they are 1.7 miles apart and what are the chances that was the SAME 20 people of the that description ?

The "Oregonian" certainly would have reported it if they were connected. Surely Joseph Rose, Transportation Reporter, would have connected those dots.

Or maybe not.

When voters who approved this line saw what happened, they voted down the next two lines. Our "leaders" built them anyway.

Until the first line went active, Rockwood had a Fred Meyer center with around a dozen other businesses at the site. They closed down, citing increased shoplifting and other crime. Safeway closed a few years later, citing the same. Now all they have is min-marts.

Fortunately, the subsidies are going away. PMLR may well be the last one built - "green subsidies" which ran $110 billion in 2009-2011, have been dropped to about $40 billion for 2012-2014. Metro, Tri-Met, and CoPo are broke, so they can't afford to build more on their own.

Isn't this the fourth "flash mob" of 15-29 African American youth in the past six weeks?

We are making plans to be gone from the area in 10 years or less.
Who wants to be 75+ and living someplace where you will be mugged any time, and any place, can't drive your car, and have to pay rediculous local taxes that benefit only the well connected at city hall?

And all we hear from the Oh? are crickets.

This is exactly why we moved 350 miles south from Portland. What is it going to take for the police and City Hall to take what is happening to this city seriously?
I am sure the permits for carrying concealed weapons will be on the rise.

Ah yes, the well connected in city hall says it all. Becoming more apparent here, the haves and the have nots.

Neighborhoods where too much density has been pushed are feeling the brunt of such wrong headed plans. That neighborhood has done more than their share of fulfilling the density for the rest of the city. Others that champion the UGB and extreme density need to take a realistic tour of what of what it is they champion.

At the tender age of 20, AD 1984, in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of the nation's capital, I witnessed 4 black males approach a lone white male college professor, ostensibly to ask for directions. The group quickly surrounded him, one of the men smashed his jaw with an upper cut, breaking it, and I saw him crumple to the ground unconscious. I ran screaming from the scene and found a parked police patrol less than a block away. The professor had surgery to repair his jaw that night. I watched his bewildered statement to the ED nurse, said through bloodied teeth, something to the effect that he had always been a staunch supporter of civil rights. He abandoned hteam overstay position and went back to Europe a week later. His attackers were never identified.

The truth of the matter is that overt racist behavior appears to be increasingly an art monopolized by inner city blacks. And the scary thing about it is that no one really wants to be on record even fingering the problem.

Also, finally, someone has written something about the Martin case worth reading.


"he abandoned his university position". Not sure why the iPad does this stuff with my typing..

That's my commute,every day back & forth on the eastside max. Been doin it for years. It gets scarier every year. It is particularly scary at the moment. Take a lesson from Clint, if you don't want to be a victim on the MAX, arm yourself.

The PPB has essentially said that these kids can continue to do this with impunity. In a KATU interview they said that even with video of the crimes they can't/won't do anything about it.

I guess they're going to wait until these kids' criminal behavior escalates or growing racial tensions lead to some senseless tragedy before they do something about it.

"A Clockwork Gold and a bit rainy-like, with bioswales along the streetcar tracks brimming with glorious blood, and orphaned dollies, and broken bikes." The End.

Excellent Mojo!
And it is a well established fact that lab rats, when forced to live in overcrowded conditions, become violent, their behavior becomes erratic and they eat their young.
Welcome to Portland!

I believe that Portland will be viewed as an experiment gone wrong. Already those areas surrounding Portland have heard and seen enough to say NO!

Remember this day and mark the time.
With these (youth) black flash rob gangs running fee and unpunished they grow in power and frequency. They will be plundering your store next and maybe while you are there with your small children or elderly parents.
But yet when the first ones get killed by a shop owner or police agency. The Al Sharptons and Jessie Jacksons of the world will come crawling out of the wood work like the cockroach race baiters that they are. They will whip up the black community into a frenzy and then cash in. Remember Travon?

Black leaders and Parents of the Portland area get the clowns in the mainstream media to give you some air time to tell the kids to stop it. Stop it now before someone gets hurt or killed. We need the responsible parents and community leaders to step up. We don't have to throw money at it like the city government always does and fails when they run out of ideas.

Shop owners remember that these people are someones sons or daughters. They know not what they are doing. Don't hurt them just call the police and try to stay safe.

Thugs is thugs. F'em. And the unsecure trains they ride in on. Tri-Met needs to be sued for negligence and reckless indifference and failure to act responsibly in providing a secure public transit system. Repeatedly sued. Naming names!

Ah sweet gentrification. Williams north of Fremont has been scrubbed, yogafied and serves only free-range beef. While Portland out '122nd Way' has been overrun with thugs.

Time to visit:
12240 NE Glisan Street
Portland, OR 97230

The weird thing is, last night (Sunday) I rode the Max back from umpiring softball games at the Hillsboro Fairgrounds to NE Portland. A couple of stops after I got on, two or more, beefy, and appeared to be well-armed, Tri-Met fare inspectors got on and checked everyone's passes. On a Sunday night around 9:00 p.m. no less!

I didn't see one fare inspector or security person all weekend and I had to take the eastside MAX from Jeld-Wenn to Cleveland Avenue in Gresham -- back and forth -- a total of four trips in afternoon and evening -- for family events. I did see a meth couple engaged in a loud and messy fight, culminating in a large purse being dumped out on the ground and the subsequent abandonment of most of its contents, rap music so loud that it could be heard from several seats away even though the listener had headphones, groups of thugs gathered in the bicycle area near the back of the second car turning the air blue and hanging over the seats of other passengers. I don't expect to be coddled on the bus or MAX, but there's a real feeling of "every man for himself" and "ride at your own risk."

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