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Monday, April 30, 2012

Round mound of renown

Charles Barkley just won an Emmy.

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On TNT, in response to being congratulated, he just said: "Black people don't blush."

Shaq had a T.V. show a couple of summers ago where he challenged Charles Barkley to a golfing match. It was pretty fun to see them hack themselves through the course.

Jack, are you pranking us? Seriously, an Emmy? Last year, during the playoffs, we watched Sir Charles on East coast time, commenting on West coast games. That sucker was high as a kite, as were we! Too many cold ones in the green room we figured. That dude was cracking us up! Of course we had been drinking cold ones in our West coast garage. Funny and F’d up, yes. But an Emmy? No, please no.

Sir Charles may have no NBA championships, but it's unlikely Jordan will ever have an Emmy.

But an Emmy? No, please no.

Charles is top-notch entertainment. If it's fueled by beer, we'll take it.

But an Emmy? No, please no.

What's with the phony outrage, Brad?

Is it because Sir Charles may have been drinking beer instead of Bourbon?

I love watching and listening to Charles. The media needs more straight shooters. But, an Emmy?

One thing I've learned from the blog the past couple days: You people take your Emmys seriously.

You betcha, Andy.

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