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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reader poll: Lunch with Jody?

After a nasty battle in the WW Mayoral Madness poll, our victorious opponent, Jody Stahancyk, has invited us to lunch with her and some of her staff later this week. She says they are "fascinated" by what we do. Given that a large part of what we did for the past week was rank on them, we're nervous. Should we go?

Should we go to lunch with Jody Stahancyk?
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Comments (54)

Go, but bring your posse with you.

Take Stenchy and the rabbits for protection and Bill McDonald...and the slop pail for the leftovers!

This might be impossible since you were her lunch.

She earned her reputation by knowing her opponents.
Me thinks she really doesn't know you.

Have your wife go. Well, no, maybe that isn't a good idea.

Keep your friends close and ...

I'll be happy to tag along...you know... to help even things out.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to use the restroom...

Go, but make sure you sit at a table where you can see all the entrances and exits.

I think it depends on who's buying. Make her bring her husband along: he's supposed to be a nice guy.

Why can't SHE just invite you to lunch? Why does she need her minions to attend? Seems odd.

Jack, clearly you misunderstood the invitation. When Jody said "My staff and I would like to have you for lunch," they meant literally. If you don't mind being braised and served with a nice Chianti and some fava beans, by all means go.

It would be a member of her staff that reads and comments on this blog that used an Anonymizer such as Tor to cheat and win the vote. If you have the stomach for associating with a person who turns a blind eye to her minions doing the dirty work as long as it gives her money and fame, go ahead. This is a no win situation, you can't cry foul without proof, and you would be played as a poor looser. Her and her staff is what gives lawyers a bad name. If you are part of that kind of thing when you reach down to pick up a dropped napkin, enjoy it. That's the club you joined.

I won't tell you not to do so, Jack, but be warned that she only wants to eat your brain so she can steal your powers. Either that, or glue you to a wall, implant eggs in your thoracic cavity, and watch as the young chew their way out.

I second what dman said. Would you like to take bets on who is voting "yes" in your poll?

This is the first time in history that she has been called out publicly and repeatedly for her misdeeds. And unlike dman, I don't think she merely turned a blind eye to the voting methods. I think she approved them and encouraged the big cheat.

Go to bed with a dog and you wake up with fleas, Jack. Don't do it, unless you let me cook the lunch. hint: don't eat the soup.

I can loan you my Fijian brain fork for your defense.

Rose Festival Princess,

Is that any way for a Princess such as yourself to act.. I thought Rose Festival Princess's were known for their grace, nobility and capacity to rise above pettiness?

You may cause people to look at the Rose Court in a whole different way. Is that the legacy you want to lay claim to?

Sounds like fun, don't pass up that opportunity.

Another great lunch would be with the legal team who is suing the city over the water board activities.

Jack puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

Did she invite you to lunch at her office so her firm's in-house chef can make lunch for you or did she invite you out to a restaurant?

She is really only looking for a way to edge out the UP soccer player in the next round.

Last time she bought a chunk of Packy's voters with $500 pledge, this time she's after your voters. Maybe there's a deal to be made here....

How many Benjamins would she pledge to the Clackamas light rail rebellion in exchange for your winning endorsement?

She stands to pick up a lot of votes in the Milwaukie area...

Robert, may I ask why you singled me out in this discussion, when there was an almost unanimous approach for people to make cautionary and humorous comments about the idea of Jack having lunch with Jody?

As for the reputation of Rose Festival Princesses, I cannot be held accountable for that. I admire the more recent crop of princesses who are celebrated more for their scholastic and athletic achievements than were their predecessors.

The princesses of the past, up until 1980 or so, were honored more for their looks. As a result, many developed a princess mentality of entitlement and lack of responsibility.

Just my humble opinion, of course. Now please stop picking on me or I will cry. Don't you have a pork roast and applesauce to tend to this evening? Or is it something more seasonal, perhaps a chutney-crusted rack of lamb with steamed asparagus and cous cous?

Take Bill McDonald and his tape recorder with you.

Did she invite you to lunch at her office so her firm's in-house chef can make lunch for you or did she invite you out to a restaurant?

I believe the proposal is for lunch at her office.

I registered a no vote, side with princess, and hope you pass on lunch.

Not to unduly influence your decision, but I have it on good authority that tomorrow might be Taco Day.

Taco Day, Mr. Bogdanski. T-A-C-O Day.

She has her own in-house chef at her firm? I'm totally jealous. Be a good sport and go to the damn lunch.

Lunch at her office? That's not a private chef, that's ordering in. I take back my "yes" vote. Thought she was buying at someplace like the Heathman (in the way that materially successful lawyers love to flaunt how well they're pandered to in such places...)

Rose Festival Princess,

I'm auditioning for my possible role as Jody's "Rumor and Salacious Gossip Control Czar" in her fake administration (is there any other kind?)... that's all...nothing personal.... but I tend to make people either cry, want to slug me, or ask for my supervisor...I hope that doesn't disqualify me from my bid to get a job in Jody's fake administration.

As far as the rest of your response, no pork tonight. Went to the Jewish Deli down the street for an early dinner... Will be having guest from out of town this weekend though, and will be making them a beef pot roast complete with mashed potatoes and asparagus poached in beef bullion ...

Jack, you misunderstood.
She wants you to deliver lunch to her offices...

I'm certain that the employment of the private chef has nothing to do with the hourly rate that she and her minions charge.

Go. Embrace your enemies. You will change them, or they will change you. Either way, both of you benefit.

If she was smart she would donate to the clackistanis 3-401.
They know how to get votes.
And win by 70%.

Robert, those qualities you listed most certainly do not qualify you for employment at her firm! Somehow though, I sense you aren't that way at all. Most people who love to cook do it because they really enjoy taking care of others. So enjoy your roast, try sweet potatoes with crispy shallots and sage on top, and don't forget the dijon lemon mayo for the asparagus. Yum.

I voted yes (info is power), but after reading the comments, would say no.

It's a publicity stunt and you have no reason to help her with that.

Just today I was wondering when technology will allow us to use some invisible device wired into our glasses that would record, tape, transcribe, and even capture your own mental reactions to the scenes unfolding in front of you....what a lovely device to have while taking tea with that terrifying-looking creature, Jody S. I suspect the intelligence people have such devices already, and are assassinating private individuals trying to develop them for the open market.

But life would lose all its fun. No more loud kvetching at your kids in public, no more applying makeup while driving, no more scratching of the ear canals while waiting in line, no more tango practice in quiet areas of the airport. No more obnoxious honking behind dopey Portland drivers who think that when the light turns green, this is a signal to scratch their behinds, in preparation for stepping on their gas pedals.

Scratch the whole idea.

I'm totally humiliated. I voted "Yes" then realized that to have you go is like throwing pearls before swine. Sorry Jack...

Wow, people, get a grip!

Jack, she's clearly impressed with you and this wonderful blog that attracts such a, uh...... *diverse* crowd.

"She says they are "fascinated" by what we do." As was I when I first discovered Bojack! Couldn't get enough -- became a junkie.

Go and create another addict. And for God's sake, relax and enjoy it!

Does anyone have proof of individuals casting multiple votes?

Did anyone actually try to vote more than once using Tor? Did it work?

Looks like she's been out to lunch a time or two too often.

"Did anyone actually try to vote more than once using Tor? Did it work?"

Just tried, on your suggestion. Didn't work. "Sorry, you have already voted in this poll." I am astounded that the votes are 298 yes to 84 no.

I wouldn't waste 5 minutes of my life on that awful woman. Don't go.

Robert's weekend menu sounds right up my alley. So I'll pick up the Rose Festival Princess and we'll be there at 7.

PS. Jack, Eff the divorce lawyer. Yuck.

Yes, Jack, I agree with LO Resident. If it's inevitable, you may as well relax and enjoy it. Now where have I heard that before?

Don't be used by a woman who cheated against you. Photos will be taken and your picture will likely end up on their dart board or voodoo doll.

I had a meal with her once. She ate and slobbered her way through a job interview, during which time she told me repeatedly what an asshole my father is and how she "destroyed him." Her rant, complete with soup running down her chin, felt endless.

There was no need to discuss my parent's divorce, a divorce that had truly broken my heart. I asked her to stop, and she did not. There was a look in her eyes of a rabid dog - it was truly disturbing.

Jody - the picture of positivity and collaborative divorce. Yep.

Finally, there is no free lunch.

"Not to unduly influence your decision, but I have it on good authority that tomorrow might be Taco Day.

Taco Day, Mr. Bogdanski. T-A-C-O Day."

Not to be confused with TacoDave. T-A-C-O Dave.

No. She isn't looking for a lunch date, she's looking for a potential victim. That is why she is inviting her staff along. Someone has to keep the notes.

Jack, my druthers are, don't go. But Poncho and a few others may have it right. She's in her divorce court ivory tower and is lacking the big picture of our times and place. The happenings in Clackamas and Washington Co. and TriMet bus riders and all is fascinating, and symbolizes this.

Things are a-changing, and she's in the dark. You have much to offer on a wide array of issues. And she can afford a two hour lunch.

The comments bring to mind the Twilight Zone episode where the aliens say that their goal is to serve man.

Omg lmao!!! That's why this blog is priceless. Don't go Bojack! Nothing is free - especially food.

This helpful reference-infographic should prevent any further confusion:


Word on the street is that tomorrow's turkey meatloaf day. I defy anyone to have a name remotely similar to that.

Watch for the bill in the Mail.
She graced my appointment with her small daughter practicing serving tea.
Resulted in not enough business accomplished,
but the billing accounted for every minute I was there,
tea time included.

Jack, if you can stomach it, amble on over to WW's website and watch their interview of Stahenious. She refuses to pronounce your name correctly and in fact infuses it with sexual terms, including "Pedanski" and "Bonaski."

Still considering lunch? I'd rather slit my own throat with a rusty razor blade, pour salt in the wound, and sit through a showing of Xanadu. But that's just me.

Why WOULDN'T you accept her invite for lunch? Have some manners and accept. Even Barry Obama dines with his adversaries.

I'm curious, what was the outcome of this offer? Was there a lunch provided? Did anyone attend?

The content of this thread Jody has invited "us"... Just who is "us" anyway?

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