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Friday, April 20, 2012

Portland boy makes good

Peter Baum from Lincoln High is making quite a name for himself playing lacrosse at Colgate.

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Also check out Henry Schoonmaker who played with Baum at Lincoln. He is a second line midfielder at Syracuse. A perennial final four team (although not this year).

Hats of to Will Harris who has been the coach at Lincoln for many years. A good guy and a good coach.

Lacrosse at Colgate - how very 1%.

Lacrosse, the old Indian game 1 percent? You ain't never been to Baltimore baby.

Native American? - you ain't never been to Colgate University baby.

I lived in the Mid-Atlantic area back in the mid-1990s. I know the origins of the sport and its popularity on the east coast; however, you have to admit not that many Native Americans are playing the sport these days - especially at Colgate. Pretty 1% stuff.

In any event, good for Peter Baum. He is an innocent in my class-warfare comment. Apologies to him.

Ya well, Hilary Rosen apologized to Ann Romney, but stay-at-home moms, and the children they raised all around, noticed and haven't forgotten. You all need to keep up this class warfare stuff up because it's really backfiring -- the more the better.

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