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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One shining moment

The Willy Week Mayoral Madness tournament has finally wound up, and lo and behold, actor Timothy Hutton is the winner. Which means that our old nemesis Jody Stahancyk finally lost to somebody.

Like a complete unknown.

Like a rolling stone.

If that wasn't the dopiest event in which we've ever been involved... which is why it was so much fun, particularly in the early rounds. Congratulations to Hutton, who of all 64 contestants probably cares the least about the whole thing. He's now the fake mayor of Portland. Bring on the fake scandal!

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His tv series persona is that of the sagest of contemporary, hi-tech Robin Hoods, exposing criminality for fun and profit. The good, honest, long-suffering, deeply wronged characters embraced by his merry band always prevail by the end of the hour. Fantasy, not fakery.

As fantasy mayor of Portland, he could not be better suited. In Stumptown today, felons are never really humbled; rather, it is the good, honest, long-suffering, and deeply wronged who are further oppressed and abased.

"Jody Stahancyk does not lose.”--Jody Stahancyk

Time to get that personal chef to serve up some humble pie and eat a little crow while you're at it.

And congratulations to Willamette Week for finally addressing the lack of attention we pay to Hollywood celebrities in this society.

But we already HAVE a fake mayor.....


The fake scandal has come and gone. If he can survive that, he can survive anything.

Here's a video somebody put together (not sure if it was from Hutton's camp or a Leverage fan) but it's a lot of fun.


For context, the opening scene with Goran Visnjic of ER fame, was from the season 3 finale and all shot in Portland. Hutton (as Nate Ford, former insurance investigator and now the lead of a crew of former thieves who take down corrupt business people) is telling the corrupt business person (Goran) who has bought the president of some mythical small Mediterranean country that he was running an American-style election against him and essentially stealing the election: "I'm a thief, we don't win elections, we steal them."

The final clip "Let's go steal a mayor" is taken from the season 2 finale where the team takes out a corrupt mayor (played by Richard Kind) of a Massachusetts town who has been too cozy with a foreign arms dealer (Largely shot at the Governor Hotel and the Portland waterfront).

These two eps of course preceded this WW contest, but you have to laugh at the parallels of real life.

(Rest of the clips are from various Season 2 and 3 episodes all filmed in Portland or the Clackamas set.)

Also, Hutton has already invited Jody out for dinner according to a retweeted tweet:

thanks to Jody Stahancyk - @STAHANCYK -- my first act as fake mayor is to take you out to a real dinner.

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