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Monday, April 2, 2012

One more clue to our spring break whereabouts

Here's the second and final clue as to where we've been goofing off the last week and a half: We were hanging out with the backup singers from "Farewell to Tarwathie."

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That would be Whales.

I will sleep in the cold arms of the sea to be damned by the tide. I will cast off the barnacles from my brow to see you passing by.


I thought the page banner was a clue. Looks like it could be PC. But there wasn't much sun at the coast over the break.

Is the viewpoint in the picture Neah a Kaneeh(?) Somewhere near Tillamook perhaps or further North like Rockaway.

Netarts. Just a guess.

I believe the sandspit on the left in the banner is Bob Straub State Park just south of Pacific City.

Straub-Nice camping park with a few good restaurants in Pacific City...and a local beer brewery. That's where Jack and whole family could weather last weeks weather.

If the banner is a clue, then it is Pacific City. In some abode on the hill east of town overlooking the coast below.

Pelican Brewery

Stimulus coffee shop (wifi connection)

South County branch of the library (wifi connection)

For me - home

Looked for you in and around Cannon Beach. But, the rain must have driven you inside.

Excellent storm watching and some nice weather too last weekend.
Hope you all had a good time.
Let me tell you about the Bees Wax wreck sometime.

My other guess would be the Gulf of California to see the whales.

PC wins over Cabo, Netarts, Cannon and Tillamook.

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