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Monday, April 30, 2012

Nurse Amanda sides with cell tower weasels

Some of her grassroots, neighbor-friendly sheen wipes off with this vote. We don't often agree with the Admiral, but he's got this one right:

"Why would one continuously vote to overturn an attorney and a trained administrative law judge who cited against – for the first time in my memory – a wireless carrier and then somehow claim that this may be a path somehow forward for the neighborhoods," he said. "I found those remarks to be rather hollow."

We are voting for Bruce Altizer.

Comments (9)

She's a dip, and Nolan's a mean phony.

O.K. ...it seems to me that they were following a well established precedent in determining that the 1000 watt max is a per antenna limit as opposed to a per tower limit. Everyone bitches about how their wireless connection sucks, but when the carrier tries to boost the power, they complain about alll of those "emp" thingys that are bad for you somehow. This tower is situated off of Foster at Mt. Scott Fuel Co. and it's hardly a place of beauty and tranquility that's in need of protection.

I'm not sure why Randy is being a spoil sport on this one, but he's all dialed in to collect on his PERS, so why not knock off a few chunks of payback here and there while he's on the way out the door with all that loot in his pockets? Amanda is a know quantity and she does her research. She isn't a "dip" by a long shot. Altizer is a USMA grad who couldn't make Major in 12 years. I'm not convinced that Mr. Mystery Postal Annex guy is a good calll here.

Not every problem can be solved by "massaging" it. Conflicts that are based on commercial interests consuming collective goods (such as nice views, quiet, etc.) for benefit of their bottom line need elected officials to set a boundary. The idea that there is a "talking cure" for these conflicts is crazy. Some things need law to be made.

Cell tower builders manage to avoid creating off-site noise and aesthetic impacts when they are required to. Examples are all over the West side, especially, and in other cities which value their public goods better. It is obviously cheaper not to bother to make them quieter and less unsightly in most cases, and those savings go directly to the bottom line.

I'm not convinced that Mr. Mystery Postal Annex guy is a good calll here.

Ad hominem shots against somebody you don't even know aren't impressive, but they are definitely the Nurse Amanda Way. The low crap she tried to pull on Charles Lewis showed us what she and her people are capable of.

You can keep eating the same shinola, or you can try something different. Your call.

At least with a new set of folks in at Kiddie Hall it will take them a while to get up to speed to defraud the taxpayers. Incumbents are ready willing and able to take full advantage with no learning curve.

Amanda: I really cannot believe you. You could have looked like a champ here, but you blew it. Even worse, if Randy Leonard thinks your reasoning is stupid, well ...

Well, any time Randy claims "X" reasoning is stupid, I'll take a real close look at that. If the water issues are any guides, Randy dissing an opponent.

I did read her comment, and I also think it was a poor decision. But not for the reasons Randy stated.

The issue of ERP needs serious examination. Look at a cell tower installation. There are multiple antennas, sometimes in sets of at least three. Allowing a max ERP per installation would make far more sense than per antenna. Per antenna means that the intensity of the radiated field can vary considerably from site to site.

That being said, 1KW ERP is rather modest. As a Ham Radio Operator, I frequently worked at power levels of up to 2KW real power levels. Broadcast antennas like those up on the West Hills offer considerably more and that power is radiated 24/7. 125KW ERP (per antenna) is not unheard of and there are plenty of folks that live within that power center of multiple antennas.

To reiterate , this all requires serious, transparent consideration.

Suspicions of Randy's intentions are well deserved because the
City Hall Agenda for today is assigning the Chief Engineer of Portland
Water Bureau as sole decider on cell towers (almost 10 proposed on the agenda) placement on water storage tanks throughout the
City. Most of these are located near schools, hospitals and residences (hi density populations affected). Another major revenue score for the multinationals of telecommunications and concurrently
for Randy Leonard's Portland Water Bureau. Looks like once again
the public and the commons has been given the "Shaff".

I understand the water bureau is in huge debt, what else will they take on?
Is this some revenue generating at the expense of the public and common's welfare?
Sole decider?
One more example of where the public is left at the mercy of a few, those few who in my opinion have been making unwise and in some cases harmful decisions that impact the rest of us. Decisions made on the basis of money trumps any human considerations??
We don't count, we simply don't count. If you don't believe it, wake up!

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