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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No punchline required

This news story does all the comedy work itself.

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I'm so sorry, sooooweeeeety.

At least she didn't squeal like one. SQUEEEE!

It's "hunters" like him who should be barred for life from hunting because of inexcusablely reckless shooting. Recalls that colossal schmuck, Dick Cheney, who did the same thing more than once -- most unforgivably with missiles and bunker-busters and depleted uranium shells, etc., with a whole freaking army in Iraq. Meanwhile, back in the woodlands of Florida, some gal we know is probably not gonna be makin' bacon with trigger-happy Stevie anymore.

Damn mushrooms 'll do it ever time.

That's what's called a "brush shot" or, in this case, a "bush shot."

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