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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Needed in Portland

This story brings it all together: beer, recycling, and mulch.

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Sure, in Tennessee they can make recycling a profit center, but in Portland they take your slop and essentially charge you double for the service. Makes sense in Sam's World.

Please don't send this link to Sam Adams. He'll want to put something like this in NE Portland disguised as a private business and subsidize it with city funds.

They use road salt in Tennessee...? It'll never fly in Portlandia.

I need to check with my town about this, because I can actually use this. (Yes, yes, I know that Garland, Texas is a punchline at the beginning of Zombieland. I'll say, though, that the city made recycling a profit center from the beginning, and we gleefully chip in for Recycling Day because it keeps our property taxes lower than they would be otherwise. That's how this SHOULD be run in Portland, if Sam and Randy weren't too busy worrying about their cuts.)

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