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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Latest Portland police brutality tab: $250K

The City Council yesterday approved payment of that amount to the guy who was Tased five times when the cops mistook him for a tagger. This was the case in which the city attorney tried to use the plaintiff's kung fu movie collection as evidence against him. The jury awarded him $206,000; the rest is attorney's fees.

The City Council action on the matter can be seen on this video, at 90:46.

Comments (2)

Sounds excessive to me even if he were the tagger.

Careful walking at night in the walk/bike/work/live/play city... if a stray bullet doesn't get you, one of the mayor's goons will.

Okay, legal scholars -tell me

If the jury and the City council agree that guy was correct, does that mean the arresting officer filed a false police report?

Seems that happened to the woman who asked for the ID of the PPD on the MAX platform a year or so ago. That PO didn't even show up in court to defend his arrest

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