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Monday, April 2, 2012

Lake O. gets ready for lake occupiers

It looks as though the city council bobbleheads in Portland's neighbor to the south are going to toughen up city park rules to try to keep the unwashed from sullying the sacred waters of Sucker Lake. By negative implication, they're admitting that it's currently legal to launch a boat from a city park into the lake. Too bad about the weather lately.

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I doubt that much would happen if people came to the parks with their floatables. It would be a pretty boring event despite any rules against lake entry. I just feel bad for lake homeowners who might be impacted personally.

Too bad about the weather? What a buncha wimps- I have kayaked on Mud Lake (Sauvie Island) when the water has been partially frozen.
They need to "man-up" as it were.

Man, what a bummer. Here I was already to hop the #35 to L.O. with my kayak and join all the rest of the riff-raff and malcontented occupiers for a peaceful little float on the lake.

I haven't looked it up, but I thought that the public has a right to access navigable waterways.

A reaction to the WW story not long ago. They know they can't enforce the private lake BS.

Gonna' head right over, paddle out a ways and freak 'em out with a floating Baby Ruth bar.

Judge Smails would approve.

I like the part about the City of No Negro lacking the resources.

Actually, any effort to keep out the riff-raff is welcome.

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