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Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's the Pearl poodle poop police!

You can't make this stuff up.

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It is inevitable in "density in-fill" development zones. Chaos and disruption of civilization through infiltration by poo provocateurs. What a waste.

Even funnier, is the possibility that the poo is NOT from fido or fluffy, but from Pete possum, the little masked bandit or Wile E. Coyote.

PS to pet owners: Don't feed your pets to Coyotes - keep them in at night, dawn, dusk etc.


It was a flash mob of canine urban youths who left all that s**t in the park. They boarded the street car before authorities could respond.

I wonder how confrontational the poop patrol will be towards the hopped up street kids and their pit bulls? If the offending piles are as described in the news article as "interloper poop", how does one tell, after the fact, I wonder?
The Pearl denizens are SO concerned about the dog doo, but about flash robs not so much?....till that happens in their neighborhood!

Move out here to Gateway! True, we don't have trendy coffee shops and bistros on every corner, but neither do we have piles of doggie waste sitting around. And home prices are WAY more affordable.

As a side note...I've noticed that the parks don't seem to be replenishing the "doggie bags" these days. Ours aren't privately funded, of course. But it seems that most local residents are either bringing their own bags or finding a stick to flick the poo into the bushes where it can't be stepped on.

This is not a new problem. Very few Portland dog owners anywhere pick up their dog's poop on a regular basis.

In my much less celebrated neighborhood, I was one of the few.

Try taking your kids on the trails in McLeay Park so they can play in the creek. Dog poop lines that darn stream.

I can top your story, Jack. I found out about it while visiting daughter in Geneva.

But then on the positive side, I'm told older folks who do clean up after Fido find the warmth helps soothe their arthritis.

Isn't this what they have the S*it-Lie ordinance for?

Sounds like a new business opportunity for Randy! If they think that is bad, take a look at the corrosion caused by their pets on the street light bases in the Pearl District. Imagine the disgust of the people that need to work on them!

Someone call the folks at "Portlandia". I've got a script idea for them...

If the Pearl District Poop Patrol wants to really make a difference, they'd ask everyone to collect their dog crap and send it to the new biomass converter planned for the Cully neighborhood. There'd be doggie loos all over The Pearl for collection. Randy Leonard could sell the plans for the doggie loos over the Internet.

The Pearlies get clean streets and parks, the city makes a buck or two on doggie loo plan sales, and the rest of the city gets clean and cheap (ha ha ha) energy. It's the ultimate Portland win-win! Except for the suckers in Cully but City Hall already told them to take a flying leap so tough on them.

I'll be at home waiting for my residual check from Fred Armisten and Carrie Brownstein.

Yo Dogg, Randy Loonard and his stoolies will control all feces.

Hey, don't give those flash mobs any ideas, or they'll jump on Max, drop trou, and have a flash poop on the Max! Just try and ID those butts!

Try taking your kids on the trails in McLeay Park so they can play in the creek. Dog poop lines that darn stream.

I wonder how many wild animals do the same thing?

The sidewalk is one thing, and I don't have a dog. But I never have understood the idea of picking up organic material that is guaranteed to decompose and put it in a plastic bag in a landfill.

fair enough question, Jon, but the reality is that dog poop (and, yes, I do know the difference between that and other animal poop) is all over. And since when is the only part of a park that you want accessible is the sidewalk? Even most Portlanders pick up sidewalk poop.

The purpose of a park, particularly those like Forest Park, is to give you a chance to get off the sidewalk and the well-trod main paths and experience what walking in the woods is all about. And since the stream in McLeay Park is basically all about having a chance to wade through it, yes, I consider those parts next to the path to be zones in which dog-poop picking up is expected.

If it were one or two dogs, no problem. But that's not the case in that park.

Or, evidently, in The Pearl.

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