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Monday, April 30, 2012

It's hereditary

If you've ever heard Portland mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith babbling away a mile a minute about something, and wondered where he got that characteristic from, here's a video that might explain it. Apparently, it's his dad.

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I worked in Local 9 for many years so I still hear things. My peeps tell me the Dad is a sweetheart. It's Jefferson who's the blowhard loser. That's why I find it amusing when he's described as the union candidate.

Jefferson Smith reminds me a lot of Newt Gingrich. Just a complete pompous phony with the brains to fool a lot of people but not the banquet waiters of America.

After one event, Newt wanted his picture taken with us, and we obliged. Afterwards there was an urgent meeting where we decided if he used the picture in any sort of campaign format, we would sue.

Jefferson is the same way. He manages to get awards from small businesses and yet, my experience in person was that he went out of his way to hurt my small business. Beware, Portland.

Even former banquet captains can spot a phony a mile away, and that is why I put the song "Smart Talking Fool" on YouTube. It's about Jefferson and Newt. Two giant losers.

Although if you count my vocals, that would be 3.

Father Smith (at least the one in the video) talks about using less paper towels. Almost all of the places where I use paper towels (mainly public restrooms) now have more effective air dryers. His problem already has a solution, and it is not the one he proposes. Kinda like Jefferson.

The audience is spellbound but I nodded off so maybe can you tell me, did Dad get to the part of using paper towels to clean Fido's private areas after staining a sidewalk in the Pearl? I have seen that done in Manhattan.

That was a low blow Jack. Keep his family out of it.

So, would Jefferson Smith being elected mayor bring paper towel regulation to Portland? Don't laugh, it happend with plastic bags.

After I saw the vid, I assume the libs will make it a law, and towels will be counted out.

That was a low blow Jack. Keep his family out of it.

In my opinion, hard to keep his family out of it when his family is in it.
Meredith Wood-Smith is the Chairman of Democratic Party of Oregon.
The history of the father in politics is known and seems to me he was very
much in it, his sons were named Lincoln and Jefferson.

I don't have any problems with Ted Smith going at it a mile per minute, especially in a forum such as this one. I really don't. I don't have any problem with Jefferson Smith giving every indication that he's going to explode like the mouse in "Rock 'n Roll High School," either. I came from a science fiction background, and I'm very familiar with that sort of rapid brainstorming. The only time anyone should worry is when the speaker assumes that these sorts of vowel movements actually make a cohesive policy.

Keep his family out of it.

His parents' machine is the only reason Junior's a top candidate for mayor. He's Jesse Cornett, only extremely well connected.

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