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Monday, April 23, 2012

It's a small town

The O has endorsed Dwight Holton for Oregon attorney general. They say he's got management experience and political skills that his opponent lacks, which sounds more or less correct, but they also throw in a couple of clunkers:

For example, Holton helped the city of Portland rejoin the Joint Terrorism Task Force, no small feat in a community that is famously wary of police power.

"Rejoin"? Portland did everything but "rejoin." The haggling dragged on for months, and what they ended up with was a strange-smelling hash of a deal.

He also built trust among Muslim leaders after a mosque in Corvallis was set on fire.

"Trust among Muslim leaders"? We have two words for you: Pete Seda.

Do you think the O's editorial board's opinion might have been influenced just a teeny bit by the fact that Holton's opponent is married to the publisher of the local weekly newspaper that gleefully needles the O at every opportunity, of which there are many? Or is nobody supposed to say anything about that? Portlandia, the real place, is hilarious when you think about it.

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Just like the Charlie Hales endorsement, this helps explain another ridiculous Politi"fact" article.

Here's another interesting angle.

Any organization that endorses a two faced self serving liar like Charlie Hales has no credibility in my book. Judge Rosenblum is a top notch choice in my opinion, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if this wasn't an underhanded jab at her hubby.

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