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Friday, April 20, 2012

It seems like years

Could we really be pushing 80 degrees on Sunday?

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Now this is actually scary. As it is, it's been warmer in Portland, Maine than it's been in Dallas, and now to hear the other Portland is beating us in temperatures? Yeesh.

The firing of the City of Portland Top People cant come soon enough.

Sam Adams
Tom Miller
Tom Beggs
Larry Stevens
Susan Kahn

Someone save the maintenance Bureau..

Why would Tom Beggs hire 15 new Utility Workers II, Why doesnt the Gringing Crew Grind. Because Tome BLEW the Money, he cant budget. Send him back to California.
Thats right they forced him to resign....

Get rid of the yes people, hire those that use commmen sense, have morales, standards.

The warming weather certainly seems to be getting Lola pretty hot.

I, for one, welcome our solar overlord.

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