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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Help! I need somebody...

An urgent call to our readers: We're currently trailing by a substantial margin in this week's round of Mayoral Madness. Please take a moment to go here and give us your vote. We have no idea why this seems so important, but it just does. We can still do this, people, but not without everybody's help!

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Re: "We have no idea why this seems so important, but it just does."

Could it be because you are a lawyer and because every lawyer knows that winning always feels better than losing?

The ballot box was not functional last night around 8:30; but it was fully functional a short while ago, when the difference was around three score and ten. However, multiple votes from the same source were not being accepted.

Gardiner: that's why anonymous proxies were developed. God, when they enact online voting in Oregon, we should have a blast!

Curiously, there is no ballot opportunity for me either via your link or by going to WW independently. There was a Windoze update yesterday - coincidence? I think not . . .

Only four hours left and Jack's down by only 25.

As Henry would say:
"It seems so important because the stakes are so low!"

"Multiple votes are not being accepted." Shucks.

Well, Jack, on the bright side, I guess this will obviate the danger that you become swell-headed. Although some would say an unswellheaded lawyer is an oxymoron.

I blame the campaign for not coming up with a scarier message. You proved Packy was unfit for office with the picture of the elephant having sex with a rhino.
But running against the dangers of soft rock? That's a tough sell.

I know it's late, but I'd start again with something more threatening.

How about a warning that there's too much soft rock and soft money in politics, and that it's threatening our way of life? That's what this election is really about. The problem isn't just Air Supply. It's the money supply.

Clearly you're running against the New World Order Bankers who want to appease us with lightweight music, rather than stoke our justifiable rage with rap and heavy metal. You're running against the handful of giant companies that own these radio stations and use them to pump the brains right out of our heads.

John Philip Sousa didn't right soft rock ballads. When was the last time your opponent played "Stars and Stripes Forever"?

And why are there no soft rock songs about fighting terrorism? Have you ever thought about that? Didn't our beloved leader George Bush say that you're either with us or against us? How long are we going to stand by while these terrorist-appeasing soft rock radio stations seize power one ballad at a time?

Give somebody a lame band and a soft rock hit and what do you have? A tyrant.

This isn't an election that means nothing. No, quite the contrary. The national security of the United States is at stake and we're running out of time.

The contrast couldn't be any clearer: A vote for Jack is a vote to save America.

Then if that doesn't work, try saying God wants you to win.

Re: "I know it's late, but I'd start again with something more threatening."

Bill McD,

The tide has turned, although the contest is still too close to call. Hold fast on this tack. Think of Kansas last night.

WW's Aaron Mesh has attempted to sway voters by associating JB with the tactics of RMNixon; but Mr Mesh had not even been imagined by his parents when RMN waved goodbye and boarded the helicopter, so why should he be taken seriously?

Meanwhile, a fierce struggle continues in the other race in Josiah Failing, also involving a student of the law. (Why Josiah Failing, btw?)

You've pulled ahead!

This is a case of the corporate media - you know, the corporations that got us into Iraq - versus a true blogging patriot. Speak truth to power - Vote for Jack.

Heading your plea, I went to a local nursing home. The food was awful, the smell was stifling but I escaped with a few more votes your way.
With the filters in place it is very hard to give you the hundreds of votes your loyal followers gave you in the last race, but with patience and diligent "campaigning" we can put you over the top.
Shortly after I left, I was totally forgotten, so they will all be new "votes" tomorrow!

This can be a Portland Spring!

Do I get a bonus for working overtime? "Vote early; vote often!"

You are now up by 57 votes... Unless the secretary of state illegally moves the election to November.

Brian Owendoff
Acta Non Verba

Jack I'm on your side.

Just Say No To Muzic..

443 to 351

Using crude language as a twitter handle is all the reason i need to vote against someone.

Oh, voting twice?? Easy, just clear the cookies in your cache.

Just got back from the cemetery with a stack of names. I guess it's too late to add their votes.

Voted for you--again--in this bracket. By the way, I think you should have been in the MCullough Lee regionally. She, too, was a crime fighter!

Gee, Bill, I've heard that chronic exposure to "soft rock" music can lead to other types of "softness." Jus' sayin'.

And golly, Miss Bee, I think that Jack has a swell head on his shoulders. Gosh, anyone who can read knows that!

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