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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Go, Tracy!

Tracy Barry, news anchor on KGW-TV, has been nominated for an Emmy award. We know Tracy Barry. We like Tracy Barry. We hope she wins! And congrats to her on being nominated.

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Wow, how many times in life do you get to suggest that Jack Bog is showing too much cheerful enthusiasm?

Jack, you know I'm a big fan, but the key phrase here is "Northwest Chapter".

Oh well. Sorry to be so grouchy. I should try an adopt your sunny disposition more. Maybe I'm just resentful because I'm a Laural Porter fan.

"Maybe I'm just resentful because I'm a Laural Porter fan."

For me it's Cathy Marshall...

But congrats to Tracy, hope she wins.

Couldn't they have picked Steve Dunn to feature? He was nominated in this category too.

Gee, I wonder if the Oregonian and KGW are doing anything together in the next 24 hours? You know, like co-sponsoring a mayoral debate?

KATU co-sponsored a mayoral debate with Willamette Week last Sunday, and then a few days ago KOIN co-sponsored one with the Tribune, so yes, it's the Oregonian's turn with KGW.

I honestly don't know who the moderator of the Oregonian/KGW debate is, but speaking of the program host/moderator category, where's the love for Portland Comedy Legend Dave Anderson?

I know he's a Jimmy Kimmel fan, and after Jimmy told off the corporate media last night, I think comedians should get more respect.

Oh well. I guess we should just be grateful the Oregonian isn't co-sponsoring the debate with Craigslist.

I think The Oregonian should co-sponsor the latest edition of the "debate" parlor game with the compost dump.

the key phrase here is "Northwest Chapter".

No, I think the key phrase is "Emmy award."

Well, Whoop-Dee-Do! My nephew has been nominated as a Root Sports producer. And he's a "young" fellow!

Jack, please allow me to apologize for not taking this seriously enough.

Go Tracy and Steve, and for that matter, good luck to our Emmy weather anchor nominees, Dave Salesky and Matt Zaffino. Sure, the local weather coverage has taken a few thousand shots on this blog, but I think inside we were all secretly saying, "My God, these people deserve an award."

McDonald: That's one of your better jokes!

Just based on the number of newscasters in the 20 regional chapters, and ours in particular, it would nearly be a statistical anomaly to have that career and never be nominated for one of these "Emmy" awards.

I'm starting to question my attitude here. Rather than diminish this, why not go with more regional awards?

Since we have 2 local weather anchors nominated for an Emmy, let's nominate the Sylvan Overpass for a Nobel Prize in Engineering.

Never been a Tracy fan. Give me Richard Ross any day...

Just for the record, Richard Ross retired in 1986 and has been dead for 5 years.

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