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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Game on

The voting is open in the Elite 8 round of WW's Mayoral Madness. Please take five seconds to go here and get us one step closer to being ersatz mayor of Portland. We'll never win a real election, but fake is almost as good!

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Done. I'm also done with trying the clear-cookies, clear-caches, change browsers sneak-attempts to "vote early, vote often." I spent half the week restoring my log-ons and settings.

But you're worth it.

When the "helpful" IT person tells you to clear the cache and your cookies it is the high-tech equivalent of grabbing your arm and making you punch yourself while admonishing, "Stop punching yourself."

Makes a person feel down right proud to be an American.

So when will both of you publish your tax returns for the last six years? Seems to be the thing to do these days.

Yes! If only you were really running! Veritable breath of fresh air and sanity!

What an unfair introduction they gave you. We all know you enjoy a good conspiracy.

It's great. They're paying attention.


I have to try voting from my laptop with the wireless connection, vice the desktop and its wired connection. It would be interesting to see if that bypasses the "cookies" or whatever WillyWeak is using.

I already did the vote from the desktop.

Jack, you were substantially ahead on a percentage basis when I voted from the desktop.

Nyah, hah, hah, hah, hah.

(Bad imitation of Snidely Whiplash laugh / cackle from 1920s - 30s silent film serials.)

That worked fine. One from the laptop, one from the desktop.

I know of a few other 'puters from which I can easily vote for Jack.

"But it would be wrong." -- Richard Nixon

She is now advertising to donate $500 to the elephants at the zoo if she wins this round. She posted on WW that a vote for her is a vote against negativity.

Pot, have you met kettle?

Jack -

You younguns' don't study history closely enough.

Dick actually said:

"But that would be wrong."

Its on the tape.

Lessee' Muntnmah Library; Tigard Library; Neighborhood House, yeah, I could get as many votes in as certain Lake Oswego based land use planner types could post blog entries.....;=)

Nonny, the internet as used by planners is a devious thing. Planners blogging or posting on their own plans is common. Worse is how the Barbur/99 Lightrail Planning, The Portland Plan and other planning endeavors counts "participants", "outreach", "citizen input". If you happen to post a comment, or ask for some information you are considered part of the jack-up number in these category.

It's like the proposed PSU Education URA. The advisory committee that met for a year on the earlier proposal hasn't even seen, met to consider the newest proposal, or even been asked to. But its going to Council soon. Public input has been trashed. But CoP and Sam claims there's been citizen input, even though how the final Plan's $169 Million is to be spent isn't even published.

It's conceivable that a LUBA appeal could be made to at least delay, and hopefully require the public input that was previously setup by CoP and required by state statutes. I hope some organization like League of Women Voters does so.

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