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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fowl play at the Coast

Here's a disturbing lawsuit involving a KFC restaurant in Seaside.

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Once I was in a position to be of help to a man who was vomiting intractably after eating chicken at a restaurant. After his nausea was controlled, he was able to tell me the whole story. He had started to eat the piece of chicken, and noticed a funny taste, followed by an urgent need to vomit. The restaurant manager helped him to the men's restroom, where he proceeded to be violently ill. The manager hung around, and helped him off the commode, then turned, fished around in the toilet bowl, grabbed a piece of chicken, held it up to the light, dropped it back in the bowl, and wiped his hand on his trousers.

I have never eaten chicken in a restaurant since then.

Gross, if true. If guilty, the franchise operator's sentence should include sampling some of those "goods"

I might roll through the KFC drive-thru in a weak moment every 3 months or so. Thanks for posting this because now I will think of nothing but green chicken when I get my rare craving for some of the Colonel's Special Recipe.

I had a friend 35 years ago who was a health inspector for the City of LA. Personally I confine my restaurant meals to a minimum. Large or small, expensive or not...all restaurants have cleanliness issues, as do most private homes.
Wash your hands everyone!
I also read recently that the tie your male doctor is wearing is one of the dirtiest things in a hospital.

I haven't eaten in a KFC since I worked on a few remodels for them years ago..

Kind of a side story. I was on a production in Hollywood years back when the crew had a meal at a Hard Rock Cafe. I noticed that my friend, who had ordered a chicken salad wrap, was peering at the bitten-off end of the well stuffed wrap through his cupped hand. The place was dimly lit as it was, but his hand shielded any additional light as he says to me, "Does it look to you like this thing is glowing?"

Sho'nuff! The chicken pieces were glowing a lovely blueish green in a creamy setting of lettuce and mayonnaise! The management was as surprised as we were, and upon examining the processed chicken breast/roll in the kitchen, found yet more phosphorescence.

We assumed the meat had been irradiated to kill bacteria, but my friend had already ingested a good portion of the wrap. The management said they would get the meat tested and follow up with my friend. Of course, he never heard from anyone.

As far as I know he's still around.

I live in Seaside and this is by far the worst KFC/Taco Bell ever. We haven't dined with Colonel Sanchez for a very long time, and now it's unlikely we ever will. Hey Arby's: Please come to Seaside!!!

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