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Friday, April 13, 2012

Dwight vs. Ellen takes an ugly turn

From Oregon attorney general candidate Dwight Holton, we got an e-mail message just now, which says this about his opponent, Ellen Rosenblum:

Ellen is knowingly misleading voters about my work in Oregon, running a false and deceitful negative ad in her husband’s weekly newspaper. I suspect this is just the beginning of her endgame strategy of attacks. Worse, just yesterday, she called my friends, supporters and colleagues – great Americans who have been fighting in the trenches to elect great Democrats for years – "Karl-Rove-type out-of-state political operatives."

I am disappointed by Ellen’s mudslinging – but I’m not disheartened, because with my experience and track record, and great friends and supporters like you, I know that voters will see through the attacks.

Comments (2)

I went to a function for Ellen at a private home earlier this week, and I heard absolutely nothing of the sort. Ellen is focused on educating people about her experience, background and vision for the DOJ, not running a negative campaign. I had the chance to speak with her during and after the event and she strikes me as a very genuine, kind person with an enormous amount of experience.

Someone asked her to draw distinctions between herself and Mr. Holton and she really focused on her years of experience and the variety of work she has done. While she did mention that some of his fundraising is coming from the east coast, she didn't harp on it. I think it is an important thing for voters to know.

That said, I don't know much about Holton and have heard only good things about him, so I don't have a dog in this fight. I just wanted to relay my experience with Ellen. Carry on!

It'd be nice to know more details about this allegedly "false and deceitful negative ad." Holton is funded by a lot of out-of-state interests and I agree with Robin that that's an information to which the voters are entitled.

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