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Friday, April 27, 2012

Cue the Johnny Winter

Here is something you don't see every day, but it's being seen in inner southeast Portland these days: a white crow.

Photos courtesy Michael Pratt.

Comments (7)

Do crows compete with rats for food? If so, will Stenchy be jealous that you are featuring his competitors on your blog?

Hey, thanks -- pretty neat. And just for that, think I'll have an Old Crow Old Fashioned for TGIF!

Looks as the curb needs repair. Have you reported it?

Thank you for sharing that. I actually miss Portland's crows, because I got so much entertainment from one in particular. When I lived across from Lincoln High, I was on the third floor of an apartment building out there, and my ex and I regularly left the windows open at night during the summer so we could sleep. In the morning, I'd get up, get ready for work, and sit in a chair by the dining room bay windows with my cat Ashley. Ashley was a 30-pound grey tiger who thought she was a dog (she wagged her tail, she barked instead of meowed, and she licked people's faces and hands when she was happy), but she had a thing for watching birds. More importantly, she was one of those cats that chirps convulsively when she saw a bird, and she was loud.

Anyway, about the time I was halfway through the paper, I also had the joy of watching one crow torment the hell out of Ashley. Every morning at the same time, "Brandon" would land on the sill of the office building across the street, at eye level with Ashley, and do nothing but march back and forth across that sill. He didn't do anything else if Ashley was in the window; if she wasn't, he'd caw until she hauled herself up, and then start his parade drill. He'd keep that up for about twenty minutes or so, until Ashley was completely hoarse from her chirping, and then he'd fly off and do whatever a crow does for the rest of the day.

Every morning, the same thing, and Brandon would even do this when the weather got nasty and the windows remained closed. He apparently got great jollies from tormenting my poor cat, just by being a crow. I actually felt sorry for him when I moved at the end of 1997, because I could imagine him calling over and over to an empty window and wondering "Where did my cat TV go?"

"WHITE CROW", playing tonight at the "D" Street Corral. Show starts at 9:00pm, $ 1.25 cover charge. Opening for "WHITE CROW" is.....

Old Crow Old Fashioned was my Dad's favorite cocktail. Old School, because it was done right the first time!

No Crow in the house, but I'm having a Wild Turkey Manhattan in honor of the albino bird. And listening to Sheryl Crow, and the Black Crowes!

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