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Monday, April 2, 2012

Countdown is on

The voting in the Sweet 16 round of Mayoral Madness has only about three hours to go.
Please head over here and give us a shout-out to move us on to the Elite 8.

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Okay OKokokokok, I voted. "BREAKING-NEWS BLOGger!" ! brand ! of partisanship it said. Th||s close to a deal breaker but I held my nose and voted. Man, don't go against Pink Martini. That's like Romney running against George Washington.

I voted from work.

My brother Larry voted from the guest WIFI at work.

My other brother Larry voted from his iPhone.

And my other, other brother Larry voted from home.

The Larrys are done voting.

Congrats Jack. You successfully stole the election.

Soon you'll be ready for the big time. (meaning faculty politics)

I voted for Felicia twice but I voted for Jack three times. Chicago style elections.

If you lose against your next opponent I am officially moving to Vantucky. Bad enough Lauderdale goes down to that one, but not our beloved BoJack.

So it will be a former DA,with 5 offices in the northwest against a humble tax law professor.

She pulled 56% of her race where Jack received 57%. More telling was her race had a total of 903 votes where Jacks had 1323 in the race. So graveyards, nursing homes, voting from home and work, came up with around 400 more votes in his race.

Now it will depend on the skills of the Anti-Bojack Planner/developers against the Bojack Goodfellas!

Nice shot of old Corno's, by the way.

Oh, now this is going to be fun.

BoJack v. Stahancyk equivalents:

Obama v. Santorum, Bachmann, Palin or Glenn Beck
Eggs Benedict v. Prineville Cow Pie for breakfast
Kennedy v. Nixon
Bill Mahr v. Ann Coulter

Love v. Hate
Reason v. Superstition

I could go on and on.

Run a clean campaign, Jack. I'll do your dirty work for you behind the scenes...

Yes, I take this seriously. Very seriously. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!

So if one votes from a mobile devices of some sort and logs into the free wi-fi wherever they may be, will the vote come from a different IP address every time they log into a different network, or do you have to use a different device? Not that I would do anything of that sort, but just asking out of curiousity.

This might be rough fight. Jody has been practicing for nearly three decades and has developed a large and nebulous web of business contacts and clients to call upon. On top of that, she has a highly mobilized crew of employees spread out across multiple offices in Oregon.

I think that instead of risking a demoralizing defeat, we should all just sleep in when voting starts and enjoy the extra rest. We'll be happier in the long run.

Remember, Jack, if the worst happens you can always say that
you came in second, but that she came in next to last.

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